Furniture removalists Melbourne services.

Furniture removalists Melbourne services differ in many ways and it is hard to decipher if the service is local or just good Search Engine Optimization skills. We can assure you if you contact us we will tell you where the trucks are situated. This is Important because you might be charged for extra time taken to get to your place.

Furniture removalists Melbourne services and ways to make them cheaper.

Sometimes we can be our worst enemy when we are looking for bargains. Why is that you say? We are not saying everyone but a fair share of lookers want to hear only one thing. That one thing is the price but do you ask the right questions to make sure everything is clear?

Here are some questions that may help out when deciding your Furniture removalists Melbourne services.

  • Where are you coming from?.
  • Do you charge from depot to depot?.
  • How big is the truck you are sending?
  • Do you have Business and Transit Insurances?
  • You do Piano as well?
  • Do you charge for stairs if it is one level up?

To find out all about our furniture removals service please give us a call or use the contact form. We would love to hear from you and don’t forget to like and share our posts with family and friends as well.

Happy face alternative for Suzy Ditton

Suzy Ditton

So glad that we trusted Michael, Paul & Jayden from Sunshine Removals to lift and manoeuvre our 187kg #kaskade stone bath into place last Tuesday.
Michael arrived early and checked out the situation just to make sure the bath could fit through doorways etc, he has plenty of experience, knowledge and this helped complete the move with minimal fuss, thanks again fellas!

Happy for MikeI’m Mike

In 2009 is when I took over the Sunshine Furniture removalists Melbourne services. Since then we have carried on their tradition of giving good service and stress-free relocations. Please also feel free to add a comment, like our post and please share our post and pages with your friends and family.

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