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How can you tell if you got a good deal? If you are looking for best house removal prices please consider the service and provider you hire. You don’t have to pay through the nose for a team with core values like quality and reliability. We give you with our very sharp house removal prices the Total Package.


Sunshine’s great house removal prices.

The Cheapest Quote could be your most costly one! Because they brought too small a truck and as a result took longer and damaged your Furniture on top. When you ring up they hang up. You are left out of pocket and the only thing left is doing a bad review on them.

Best Removals are the ones there is no damage to Items!

Sunshine Removals has the right set up that makes your Dollar go further. This is because we utilize Industry Best Practice in all our Jobs. Sunshine Removals also ensures you move when you want to, in a timely fashion and your items are in the same state as before.

Save on House Removal Prices with Bigger Trucks like this one.
House Removal Prices.
  • Large Trucks.
  • On the Job Training.
  • Experienced Movers.
  • Trolleys and Dollies.

We move 7 Days a Week and you can book 24/7.

Moving Homes

We are very well versed in all the different types of residences in Melbourne. Our removals service for residential moves includes such features as dismantling, reassembling beds and furniture.

We Move Families.

From $55 a ½ Hr.*

2 Men and a Truck.

For Quality and prompt relocation this is our Monday – Wednesday Early Week Special.

Due to the new building developments around Melbourne, consequently house removal prices can fluctuate. So as a result of the changing City profile, we adapted for Optimum and Quality moves. Available for you to take advantage of on Mondays to Wednesdays. Quality is assured on every move due to our friendly and skilled movers.

Do Quicker and Bigger Moves.
So we don’t have to kiss and tuck you in on the day a better option on bigger moves might be to use our Express services. We can also furthermore put on an extra truck if two households are coming together as an example. Hence more hands make light work and get it done.

Express Moving.

From $83 a ½ Hr.*

3 Men and a Truck.

It is important to know an Express move doesn’t have to cost more, its just Quicker.

Ideal for people and Families an the move and hence reside in larger homes. We can adapt to any specifics you might nurture and with the best house removal prices you can find.

Office Relocations

As well as we move offices and School class rooms. We have expertise in Copiers and dismantling desks in a orderly and organized way. We have the right tools and experience for flat packs.

Office Removals

From $65 a ½ Hr.*

2 Men and a Truck.

Guaranteed no Stress move and Every piece of furniture will be put in its place so you don’t have to relocate it after we left.

We carry all the right equipment for the Office move. Hence we supply power tools to speed up Dismantling and Reassembling. Heavier Trolleys and Trolley jacks available also. We also supply all the right Insurances for your protection such as Transit and Public Liability. You can ask our friendly Staff for Certificates of Currency. You can pass them onto Building Management or yet easier still we’ll finally Email them a PDF directly.


The Hardest part of moving is Packing and finally unpacking. With Sunshine we can make that disappear for you. Our Packers are second to none and will make sure all fragile items will be securely moved in the end. Our Packers are Trusted and will bring a huge experience in handling and moving delicate Items. We can also supply and do the following.

House Packing.

From $55 a ½ Hr.*

2 Packers.

Do you really want to spend two weeks or more packing up and then unpack after? Masochistic tendencies anyone?

  • Mark All boxes with relevant Information.
  • Boxes to suit you particular needs.
  • Bubble Wrap.
  • Tape and Marker.
  • Butchers Paper. – We don’t use toxic News Print.

Sunshine's house removal prices contact us link.

Other Types of Business and Commercial removals.

Over the 14 Years since we started we have moved an impossibly long list of diverse Companies. We always completed them successfully. In addition, if we can’t handle it we’ll point you in the right direction.

Please either Contact or Call us we’ll be glad to assist you.

  • Events, Shows and Festivals.
  • Shops and Restaurants.
  • Medical Centers.
  • Furniture and Art Auction Deliveries.
  • Retail and Wholesale deliveries.
  • School Classrooms Furniture and Equipment.
  • Community and Church Centers.
  • Kindergartens.
  • Retirement and Aged care.
  • Not for Profit Organizations.

Interstate and Victorian Country.

Our Delivery is suited for the movers that need a quick move. One that the relocation and delivery time is Immediate. When you get there you want to move in then also because you need somewhere to sleep don’t you?

Guaranteed 24 Hours to Sydney and Adelaide and you can sleep in your bed.

We don’t Double handle! The Truck you see the pick up is the truck that will arrive at the destination. We do not use subcontractors so no unnecessary unloading and loading at Depot. More costly than you think using Containers and Back Loading Companies are more costly and can also take quite a bit longer. Have you also considered the extra cost of accommodation and living expenses? Please contact us for a Free Quote.


We move Heavy and Awkward Goods and are experienced in Sensitive Freight. Furthermore, our fleet has Air Bag Suspension for a smooth road trip.

Piano moving.

  • Upright Piano.
  • Grand Piano.

Pool and Billiard Table Shift.

  • From Full to Small Size Tables.
  • Pub Type.

In addition We have Specialized relocation services.
Gym Equipment – Stone Bathtubs – Egg shaped – Out Door Spa baths

Top house removal prices and benefits moving with us.

  • No Depot to Depot Charges either.
  • Call out fee from only $ 50.00 within 30 Kilometers of the CBD.
  • No Hidden Costs hence you’ll know exactly by our Free Quote including GST.

Depot to Depot can be very expensive because it depends on where they are located. Yes we pay the guys while they are on the truck and in the traffic to get to your Location and finally back Home. We find this the Fairest way and you know when we give you a Free quote.

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