Will your Melbourne furniture removals service have you covered?

Will a Melbourne furniture removals service have you covered if the unexpected happens? what if during the move an accident happens. Of course, if you provide a messy floor and let your children’s toys clutter or pets walk under the furniture movers feet their liability is diminished. So it is always important to have the path clear of these things and also yourselves and children. A lot of house moves requires them to walk backward sot times while carrying things.

Sometimes a Melbourne furniture removals service can have a mishap.

Melbourne furniture removals service chipped marble table corner.

Afterall accidents can happen. Whether, through outright negligence, just plain bad luck or miscalculation things can get damaged. Let’s have a look at a case involving a Marble Table. A beautiful table that feeds 8 at a time which is great and very impressive. Although quite a centrepiece of furniture when it comes to moving residences it is quite heavy, brittle and awkward to move. Hence it is a risk to move it and also transport it as rock can have natural flaws that bring weak points into the equation.

Things that are exempt from damage if no negligence is present:

  • Glass.
  • Stone.
  • Marble.
  • Elictricals.
  • Chipboard and MDF.
  • already weakened joints and cracks.
  • Flat Packs.

Ok, so we have a chipped corner of a black marble table, just a small one but enough to make a great move a disaster. No, a natural flaw did not result in this calamity. What did cause it was a very slight touch but a perfect Table becomes imperfect. If you are moving with Sunshine Melbourne furniture removals service you would be safe if it was caused by a miscalculation. We would call our back up for a repair or replacement. You see a removals service has a lot of different types of moving tasks.

Our go-to is Diamond Stone Restoration to help us. We recommend them not because they are great at this but also they are very fair in what they charge. The image above is their work and they ensure our reputation is kept. I have put this link in the Related sections below so you can easily contact them and benefit from their expertise.

Happy face alternative for Peter Roberts.

Peter Roberts

From the moment I spoke to Michael I knew I was dealing with a professional. We had a large Pianola to move and with difficult access this wasn’t going to be easy but Michael and his men were fantastic we would certainly recommend them. Great job 10 out of 10.
Peter and Marilyn Roberts, Keilor Victoria.

Melbourne furniture removals service author.I’m Mike

In 2009 is when I took over the Sunshine Melbourne furniture removals service. Since then we have carried on their tradition of giving top service and stress-free moving. Please feel free to add a comment, like our post and please share our post and pages with your friends and family.

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