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Home » Removals Melbourne Services » Melbourne Antique Furniture Removals Melbourne Antique Furniture Removals can be tricky and beyond the capability of some Moving Companies capability. You don’t want someone that has never done this before for your valuable Items. Sunshine furniture Removalists services have all the experience, techniques and equipment to make sure it stays the way it is.

Antiques need to be handled in a different way completely.
At Sunshine, we have dismantled many items as most large Antique or older Items have a way to move them. As you can see a french polished Wardrobe about 8 foot tall and needs to be moved. It will not go through the doors in its current shape. It is important to know what to do and how they built them. with Sunshine Removals you can move on an affordable budget with peace of mind.

Safe & reliable Melbourne antique furniture removals.

First of All, you need to get it there right? Then you also might need to disassemble and maybe assemble because the weight might not support the structure.

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Melbourne Antique Furniture Removals dismantling and assembling a large antique wardrobe.
Sunshine’s Melbourne Antique Furniture Removals, Dismantling & Re Assembling Service gives you a safe option to move those prized Items.

When it comes to moving Antique Furniture you can rest assured Sunshine Removalists have done it all. Through many years of staff retention and on the job experience we can come and give you a quote and discuss the task with you.

Characteristics of moving Antique Furniture.

Heavy and Fragile

All Antique furniture is fragile in one form or other. If you move it things can break as glue and joints are not what they were. Also because of the better quality wood available rather than pine which was much denser. Most were put on a small and thin leg that can break very easily. At Sunshine Melbourne Antique furniture removals services we make sure we take the strain off these parts. Basically, the item is too heavy for its legs if you want to tilt it on its side.

Expensive and irreplaceable.

Often Antiques are irreplaceable and sometimes not repairable so we assume extra care and attention. Importantly early movers did not have all the best equipment so the maker would usually make the furniture so it can be dismantled. To match any wood would be almost impossible as those trees are now protected. Stains were often made by the manufacturers and exact match impossible because of aging. We also do sensitive office Items relocation.

Extra Care and attention.

Check for wear and tear, how well the joints are still holding, where it is most weak so to not grab it by that. Also, many floors have been ruined by these items as pads on legs worn off and sharp edges protrude. Each piece is always wrapped in a blanket and mirrors are tied to walls for safe transport by Our Melbourne furniture removals Staff. Trucks should have Airbag suspension for a soft ride as some Items could be really aged. Ties are used to secure the articles in the best position to relocate it.

Experience when it is most important

As you can see Sunshine Removals experience, know-how and equipment make our service a must for anyone that is moving these items. We know most of the tricks Early furniture manufacturers used to make it easier to relocate these complex Items. Please check out the Reviews on difficult moves such as billiards table and Piano moves.

No Contractors, Backpackers you only deal with Sunshine
Many Moving Companies use Contract, Students and Backpackers so before you hire ask about how they tackle such tasks and if they know the articles from past jobs. When a leg is broken or The furniture falls because they picked it up wrong You have literally destroyed the item. How will you chase recompense unless it was officially valued by the right People beforehand?

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Sunshine Melbourne Antique Removals Service always.
With Sunshine Melbourne Antique Furniture Removals you can rest assured that the Job will be done professionally, best practice and trained staff. We will dis Assemble and reassemble taking care to collect all items for storage or removal.

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