Sunshine removalists the furniture movers.

Would you agree with Sunshine house furniture removalists?

If you change your removalists staff as often as underwear you can’t produce a Quality removalist Melbourne Service. Hence this is a major factor to a good service. These are the most Important things about your removalists.

The highest removalists standard in Melbourne!

Modern Living room done by sunshine removalists.
Sunshine removalists the furniture movers
Training and right Equipment.
Sunshine house furniture movers company is boutique enough for the owner to keep the removalist Melbourne capabilities and standards high. The boss participates on removalists jobs himself. No better way to ensure all aspects of the move are covered.

We follow step by step your and our procedures.
No better way to ensure all aspects of the move are covered. From initial organization of item protocol so items are correctly placed in the right order.

We Don’t waste your time and hence your money.
Our movers will ensure your contents are transported as quickly and as safely as possible.

The truck is TOO SMALL now the removalists are going to cost more.
A technique employed by some Melbourne removalists to extend the length of time is by bringing a smaller truck. Time is money and so is damage.

Years of practice makes the difference.
Sunshine Removals have been movers of furniture in Melbourne for 14 Years. Our teams benefit from a vast pool of experience.

Removalists Advantage.

Big Selection of our house furniture movers Offers:

We can also customize adapt to your requirements. Nothing is too much.

Most of our trained in-house furniture movers have been with us four to five years. Most of all Sunshine’s removalists make sure your belongings arrive without damage and on time.

Skilled Staff makes a Quicker and less eventful move.

Hence Time, Money and Space are very valuable would agree?.
So our staff optimize their time and space. As a result do less trips and save loads of money.

Practice makes perfect Correct?
The skilled staff do not think too long when stacking your precious items (they have seen it and done it all before). As a result of being organized no double handling.

Team Work, core strength and equipment.
Our staff have built core strength as we move Every Day. Right equipment to handle the awkward items or locations that present themselves.

Damage and Injuries Minimized.
We take extreme care of surroundings. The staff will give you a faster move almost every time.

For Our Company and Staff There’s either Satisfaction and reward in Quality Work.
Customers can be appreciative. A reward could be at the end of the Job.

Removalists melbourne quote form

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Can movers get a cheaper rate but at a higher cost?

You should consider the Total Cost of the move.
The actual rate is not as important in the house furniture removal side of things. Because the two or more staff sent to do your move count as well.

$(5 – 10) in the hourly house removal prices makes little difference if the job took one to two extra hours.

As a result, the total cost is much higher without mentioning any likely damage caused by untrained staff.

We move by the motto.

  • “Handle it Like It’s Our Own.”
  • It says it all for care taken.

  • “Move to Impress.”
  • Complete the house move professionally so you are happy. Confident and eager to recommend us to your family, boss and friends.

  • “Be friendly and helpful.”
  • You will also return to use us on your next house move.

Bonus Saving you an extra 1 – 2 hours depending on Locality and Traffic.
We have depots covering East and West Melbourne Metro. A flexibility which enables our removalists do Door to Door* moves as opposed from Depot to Depot.

Reliable and affordable furniture movers professional Services “R” us.

Why we are a affordable and considered reliable moving service is because we are 15 Years old and hold still a perfect record of being 5 star on facebook and Google. People are more apt to give a rating if they feel they were given the short end of the stick sand you can see by the reviews of some of our competitors.

Removalist Melbourne Furniture our clients.

We service many different Organizations, Businesses, Events, Government Departments such as human services and many more. We deal alot with Not for Profit helping to settle or resettle people all over Melbourne and Victorian Country.

Moving Calculator Melbourne Australia

Use this tool to estimate your size of load and hence be better informed as to the size of truck and how many trips and time it will take. This will help in optimizing and simplifying your shift.

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Are you looking for work in the Melbourne Removalists industry?

We have during the year a number of vacancies at our Sunshine furniture removals services. You can follow this link to our local removalist application form it will only take you a couple of minutes minutes to fill out. We are looking for people that are. Our main search is to find the people that care about the client and are honest to the core. We at Sunshine have a reputation for quality moving and admire people that are always trying. Trying to be better every day and to be patient to stressful movers. If you think you are the type of person mentioned below you are welcome to apply for these positions:


  • Driver Removalist including physical work.
  • Driver’s offsider ie: furniture handler.
  • House packer.


  • Friendly and patient.
  • Energetic and young at heart.
  • Team players that have an open mind.
  • You must be willing to learn on the job.
  • Willing to follow customers directions.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Available 6 days a week.
  • Be honest and accept responsibility.

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