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Welcome to your Sunshine local removalist Job application Page and online form. At Sunshine we value your privacy and all data is kept but not forwarded to nobody.

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Thank you for considering our removalists. We hope we can have a great relationship if you decide to join us. Please feel free to tag, save, share and apply anytime.

Sunshine Removals VIC, is an equal opportunity employer.

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We are a Quality First Company. That is to say that we handle all customers items like they are our own. Sunshine local removalists Melbourne services take responsibility for their mistakes.

As well as the clients we look after our staff.

It’s important to recognize that this is a leaning game and we appreciate the effort.

Some times but not often we work longer hours because the client is dependent on us. If you feel you can be a good addition to us and are a team player fill out the form. Don’t forget to Submit our Removals Driver job application please.

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    What happens now?

    We will process your application and will contact you within 24 hours if there is a position available. If there isn’t one but a position is coming you will be informed by Sunshine Removals of the situation. If there isn’t one available then your file will be kept and referred back to when a Driver furniture Removalist job comes up in Western Suburbs of Melbourne.

    Sunshine Removals – Privacy statement:

    Sunshine keeps all records safe on file and does not in any way distribute your information to any third parties. All files are kept. referred back to and when positions come up reviewed again. Sunshine will contact you when the occasion arises for a more personal meeting with us. So the more information you can provide the better your chance of the application to proceed.

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