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Sunshine Melbourne Removalists will allways meet your moving wants and surpass your expectations. CUSTOMER and QUALITY is 1st every time we do a move.

Est 2003

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Sunshine hires and trains its own staff and never sub-contracts its work to any outside parties. This way you only deal with Sunshine Melbourne Removalists. Hence we make sure that every move is a stress-free and without hiccups event.

As well as our belief is that quality counts and this can only be achieved with good staff so we definitely look after them. Hence they look after you and us.

So why Sunshine Melbourne removalists?

  • Above all expert removals Melbourne Services. First of all we do constant ongoing training as well at induction.
  • Regardless Trusted furniture Moving Company. Not to mention Sunshine Removalists always vets our employees and does police checks as well.
  • Additionally Trained Piano Removals. As well as we can do all types such as Upright and Grand Pianos. Equally we do sensitive items and they arrive in the same condition.
  • Truly Friendly Moving House teams. In the same fashion nothing is worse than being in an unfriendly environment wouldn’t you agree?
  • Significantly Big Trucks Save your . Together with one trip moves save time and your money. Not only the extra travel but the parking and setting up takes time as well. Try our moving calculator Melbourne Australia for your size load in Cubic Meters.

Area covered by Sunshine Furniture removalists in Melbourne.

  • Firstly Melbourne and Geelong. Sunshine’s Melbourne Removalists cover the whole metropolitan and outlying Areas. We do not charge depot to depot fees.
  • In like manner Victorian Country Areas. We can accommodate most moves within the Victorian border in one day. Hence pack up and sleep in your own bed the same night.
  • Furthermore Melbourne to Sydney. 24 Hours delivery guaranteed and don’t have to bivouac in a hotel room either so not to add to your costs.
  • Likewise Melbourne to Adelaide. Same as in Sydney moves with pick up the afternoon before and delivery next morning.
  • As well as anywhere in between. Anywhere in between these Cities we deliver within the shortest time frame possible.

About Our Furniture Removals in Melbourne

For the last 15 Years, our furniture Removals in Melbourne have been moving in Metro and all its suburbs, As well as we do Victorian Country Sydney and Adelaide. When it comes to local furniture moving services we have our experience backing us.


Furniture Removals in Melbourne.

We follow step by step yours and our furniture removals best practice procedure. No better way to ensure all aspects of the move are covered. From the initial organization of item protocol so items are correctly placed in the right order to maximize the efficiency of your move.

Happy face alternative for Ernie Thompson on Sunshine Removals Melbourne Reviews facebook page.

Ernie Thompson

I used Sunshine to dispose of the remainder of my mother’s house contents after she moved into aged care. The pair worked very efficiently, moving 1.2 tonnes and in 2.5 hours. Combined with a low hire rate, definitely the way to go.

Happy face alternative for Rodney Lucas on Melbourne Removalists google plus page.

Rodney Lucas

A big thank you to Sunshine Removals for moving our organisation this week. Moving staff were polite, patient and super careful with moving our office furniture. Would not hesitate to recommend.!

Highest Standard Removals Melbourne furniture Removalist service

Big City & Big Trucks.

With all the Distances and traffic jams you do not want a multiple trip relocation, do you? It could be midnight when they finish and worse is the bill they present. Don’t risk it we only supply big trucks so you save on Time charged.

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  • 2 Men
  • 10.5T+ Trucks
  • Blanket/Strap
  • Trolleys
  • Apartments

2 Hrs Min, Travel Fee may apply


  • 2 Men
  • 10.5T+ Truck
  • Blanket/Strap
  • Trolleys
  • Tools

2 Hrs Min, Travel Fee may apply


  • 2-4 Men
  • 10.5T+ Truck
  • Blanket/Strap
  • Trolleys
  • Experienced

2 Hrs Block, Travel Fee may apply


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