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Please fill in the form below if you are moving home etc. and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Because we have specials please feel free to call about any Specials seasonal or monthly we are currently having on moving home. The earlier you book the worry of whom to book will gone.

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    Our Client’s moving home in Melbourne is always a first of all.

    Also Our clients keep coming back and sharing their friends with Sunshine Removals. Please see more and more in our Pages from more clients moving house. If you are moving home please contact us.

    • Rocky Taylors Lakes. 2015/02/16 4.15 pm.
      First and foremost very happy with the service. Thanks.
    • Elise Southbank. 2015/08/15 3.15 pm.
      Excellent very Friendly.
    • Laura Partington. 2015/04/20 4.15 pm.
      First of All. Awesome!
    • John Giarrusso. 2015/04/15 1.00 pm.
      A good job is done moving house, all my heavy furniture. relieved to have all the stress of moving taken out. Consequently would use AGAIN!
    • Mary Wickham. 2014/11/20 8.00 am.
      Simon and Patient were very obliging, efficient and competent. While the moving home entailed a few complications bringing large pieces of furniture downstairs. Swapping pieces from 1 house to another and so on. Hence I was very pleased with their care and understanding. Thank you so much.
    • Mathew Stanislavskis. 2014.7.01 12.00 pm.
      Excellent will Recommend! Friendly Fast and Reliable!