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First of all when and while you are planning a move from your current home a lot of questions get or should be asked. Especially from your sought after top removals Melbourne service.

Sunshine prides itself for having the staff that are caring, diligent & organised to give you a smooth and uneventful move. 

Hence its important to know that you have a furniture removalists Company you can depend. One that covers many types of services as well as the moving house in Melbourne, Victorian country and interstate to Sydney or Adelaide.

Sunshine’s top removals Melbourne is solving the problems for you.

We cover many types of furniture and awkward Sensitive items.

Does Sunshine Removals Melbourne Service work weekends?

We work weekends and are out every Saturday moving people and businesses around Melbourne and Victoria. Sundays you need to give us notice of 5 working Days and Conditions are different as our costs are higher due to Penalty rates.

How and when do I settle the bill?

You can pay by cash or credit card. Local moves are settled at the end of our top removals Melbourne service. If you want to pay with a card or EFT please let us know when you book.

What time do you arrive?

We start at crack of dawn between 7.00 AM and work the day if need be. Settlements and building management are sometimes started at different times as we need permission to enter properties.

When does the time start?

Our time starts when we arrive at your front door and finishes when the move is complete. Please note that a Drive out, return and toll fees may apply upon usage and location.

Is GST included in the removals quote?

When we quote any figure we include all statutory charges so yes it is.

Do you cover contents in case of accidents?

We carry a Transit insurance policy which covers you up to $100k if our vehicle has a mishap and your items are damaged due to the event. We got your Top removals Melbourne Service covered.

How do you protect goods from marking during the trip?

All trucks are designed Furniture moving Specific with soft Air-bag Suspension to smooth out the ride. As well as we have blankets and ties to secure you Items. Plus we send experienced removalists to make sure every contingency is allowed for.

Can you do Pianos and pool tables with our main house move?

We can do them but you need to inform Sunshine Removals for any extra fees or men required. Pool tables especially have to be done with more manpower.

Will you put the items of furniture where we want them?

Yes we follow your instructions and will also follow marked items that describe the final location within your new premises

FAQ's for Top Removals Melbourne Services Get a free quote banner link to contact us.

We have wide range of experience.

From Egg shaped Bathtubs to Luxury and Assembled Italian Valcuccina Kitchens from Roger Sellers. As well as we move Grand Pianos, Billiard tables and everything in between.

When you do these types of moves you have to dot your I’s and cross your T’s.

Hard Access no Probs ...

Follow up every contingency that you might need to successfully relocate the items. Sunshine is well known for successfully solving issues faced by clients so don’t hesitate to ask. Because as they say everyone is different so are all the move request. It’s important to know that our removalists Melbourne Services have handled these things before.

Finally when you see the Sun it’s time to move!

We also supply with all our Melbourne furniture moving the security. You are covered by our Public Liability and Transit insurances as well as the right equipment for the move.

Sunshine prides itself on attaining and keeping a level of service that has not been surpassed..


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