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At Sunshine we pride ourselves on a quality service which means no damage an relocated in reasonable time frame our Melbourne removals staff are very experienced in a diversified field. We also train daily and send appropriate removalists teams to your task. One of our motto’s is to handle the furniture like it is our own we are relocating no matter how hard the removals location is. In order to not damage walls and floors, we certainly do not rush the task.

Sunshine Express house movers services & get the job done faster.

So if you are Constrained such as hard access, busy at work, lots of Items and bigger distance is involved. Our house removals Service can help in speeding things up for you.

  • Time constrained.
  • Big House.
  • Longer travel Time.
  • Multiple stops.
  • Make it quicker.
Sunshine Melbourne Removals of three houses and captions.
Different houses different needs accommodated by Sunshine Melbourne Removals.

Sunshine Removals Melbourne Cost Estimate & Size Calculator.

From here you can ascertain if you movers are adding extra. You can also judge the amount of time it will take to move the house hold and ascertain roughly how much to budget for. Therefore Sunshine Removals moving calculator Melbourne Australia will help you get more informed and hence more in control.

It is Quicker and our Melbourne Removals Pricing is set up so that most of the time it is the same as the standard.

The express service entails more staff and trucks. Or both in various combinations. To find the right Melbourne Removalists service for you please contact us on the Links to us. Our Melbourne furniture Movers will always be ready to answer questions. Yes, that is right only experienced furniture removalists quote your job. Speak to Experience and get the real low down.

  • Difficult Access.
  • Hilly or mountainous terrain.
  • It is the back unit.
  • There are stairs involved.
  • Heavy Items.
  • Deadline with lift to keep.
  • How Big is the truck.
  • Equipment carried.
  • Sensitive or Fragile Items or Furniture.

As you can see sunshine has it’s bases covered and we do not employ Sub Contractors so you always only deal with us. We have all the right Insurances and hope you make sure you are covered who ever you decide to engage. All Moving Companies should always have current Work Cover, Truck Insurance, Public Liability and Transit Insurance. Sunshine Removals has a Coverage on the Public Liability of $10 Million and Transit Cover up to $100,000.

Combinations of Express Melbourne Removals Services available.

  • 3 Men Service and 1 Truck.
  • 3 Men and 2 Trucks.
  • 4 Men Service and 2 Trucks.
  • 4 Men Service and 2 Trucks.

Of course we can move your Piano and Pool Table ta the Same time. A rubbish dump run can also be arranged as well as dismantling and assembling of beds and stuff. Please feel free to call us anytime if you have other requirements that we can help you with. At Sunshine Melbourne Removals we can arrange an in the home Quote so book earlier.

Most of the time the overall price is the same as a two-man service

The third man in the following example will make the Moving shorter by a third. Check the example below:

  • 2 Men worked 6 hrs at $110 per Hour Total $660 Monday – Wednesday.
  • 3 Men only worked 4 hrs at $165 per Hour Total $660 Monday – Wednesday.
  • 2 Men worked 6 hrs at $120 per Hour Total $720 Thursday – Saturday.
  • 3 Men only worked 4 hrs at $180 per Hour Total $720 Thursday – Saturday.

Sunshine Melbourne Removals has structured the Prices for house removals so the total outlay is the same. In big jobs, it can be advantageous sometimes as the men get less fatigued. Yes, they are human and fatigue is natural. You can rest assured our furniture moving staff are well battle hardened though.

Finally, don’t hesitate our house packers can make your move also that much more easy and stress-free. Please click on the Phone for easy access to our Staff all ready to help your big move. And don’t forget that more men and trucks make big jobs into small ones.

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