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Finding a Quality office relocation team can be daunting when your life’s work is involved. Our Clients satisfaction with our office moving jobs is how we gauge our services.

Asking how you will cope with your office relocation?

Our removalists Melbourne have 14 Years experience moving offices gives us the edge. Specialized hard moves with top results for clients that keep referring others and always coming back to us.

Office relocation by Sunshine’s office moving service.

Sunshine office relocation Team will Always:

We do all types of businesses and office relocation.
Sunshine Removals does metro office relocation, Shopping Center and Shopping Strips. We also do commercial and B2B moves 
More Trucks and more hands OK!
Sunshine office moving service can supply a multi Truck Service for quicker and or bigger jobs quicker jobs. We move it with care and securely.
We move Sensitive and Fragile Items.
Our trucks have Air Suspension which is the premium in a soft ride. This enables your fragile and dear equipment safe transit.
Customers can get moving accessories from us.
We can supply boxes (if asked) we can also disassemble & reassemble. We always use best practice for your office relocation. Moving antique desks or center pieces in the premise is taken with the greatest care.
Truck moving office CBD.
Truck moving office.

Office Relocation.

From $65 a ½ Hr.*

2 Men and a Truck.

Guaranteed no Stress move and Every piece of furniture will be put in its place so you don’t have to relocate it after we left.

Our Office Relocation Team Guarantee.

Be friendly as you’ve never met Us before.
Work with you and your Staff in tandem. Very important to the launch of the move, you know Get of at the right foot.
We disassemble and assemble Flat Packs.
We bring tools with us to do the Job. Using electric drivers to save time for you if required.
Organize from the start so the service will meet your schedule.
We keep moving as it won’t walk to the truck by itself. As a result, it will not do it either into the House.
Our team Work Stands out here!
We work as a team and we will keep the premises tidy. This is Vital for a smooth office relocation.
Security Assured.
Will use straps with blankets for all furniture, electronics, glass and picture far a safe move. We make sure it arrives in the same condition as it left.
Team office relocation will have the Right Equipment.
Use trolleys to do the job. For those heavy and large pieces we use special dolly’s. We Use a Ramp System for easy and fast access with the trucks. Easy for Piano removals as well as other large and heavy Items such as billiard table removals.
Easy Payment Options.
Payment is easy as we have a Mobile Credit Card facility, EFT or Eftpos. We will accept on prior agreement before the move a company cheque. Either Call or click for best house removal prices in Melbourne and also Australia.
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Our services include commercial, retail, government & non profit org.

Classroom Relocation;

Annual reshuffle of class rooms, special events, Moving Items around and Relocating Heavy Equipment.

Restaurants & Receptions Relocation;

Delivery or moving of furniture, items and/or stock? We can move your whole front of the restaurant/reception, drinks fridges, equipment, ovens, sinks etc.

Retail Shops, Showroom moving and Deliveries.

For us, Fragile, Sensitive, big, odd shaped and Heavy doesn’t matter. We can deliver very fragile office moving items. Whether its counters, new furniture, white goods and antiques.

The Items condition is almost better than before we touched them as often we will secure stuff loos on the articles. We will it deliver in the same way we picked it up. Yes into the premises and place them where you want them.

Campus and Special Occasions.

Special days where you might have an event we can help by transporting and moving furniture, props and seating to the location and put it into its final places. End of the Year or during if you need items moved we have been moving in schools for many years. Sensitive, Classroom shuffles, Gym equipment and outfits of new buildings we do it all. Very quick and experienced with more movers for big jobs if needed. The removals Melbourne staff move by your instructions and information material provided. Very careful with children running around.

Reliable Service and Payment Options.

  • It’s Your choice Free Quote or Hourly Basis you can’t Lose?
    With the restaurant, retail shops, school furniture movers or office relocation we can provide the service on an hourly basis. You can Arrange it over the phone or email. As well as Sunshine can come to you and supply a free quote. These types of moving have its own issues and hurdles. They should always be done with the Company’s top removalists.
  • The Wise and Experienced Owner likes to roll up his sleeves.
    With Sunshine Removals you can rest assured the Boss could be present. This helps make sure that your move stays on course. Big advantage when We have the owner doing services nearly every day. He believes it keeps up a High removalists Melbourne Standard in all our services and he likes to Train Staff by example.

Call us for an ongoing delivery service. We can schedule a delivery for your electrical, white goods, new furniture or antiques. Bookings open 7 Days a Week for your office relocation.

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