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Do you need piano removals in Melbourne? Trained professional Melbourne removals services in the job of safely moving your prized items? As a result of successfully moving hundreds of them. Consequently Sunshine piano removalists is well trained and also experienced. We specialize in the relocation of your most prized possession – pianos of all sizes. There’s no need to worry. Some more information on Melbourne piano removalists – Why you should leave the awkward heavy and large objects up to the professionals

Is a Piano the most prized Item in your house?

You can Tick off your first step we can help you.

Save $$$… while you move home on piano removals.

Well done! This is Melbourne’s Top piano removals Service. Sunshine has all the right tools and expertise to move your Piano. Also we can move your Piano while you are moving home. No need to get separate Piano Movers.

Piano Removals 2 Men and a piano on a trolley.
Piano Movers

Expert piano removals.

Clients Questions on our piano removals.

To move my Piano do I need a Professional mover?
Sunshine Removals has moved these sensitive instruments for many years. We’re well versed in the practice of keeping them safe during a move.
Can you move my Grand Piano?
Absolutely. Sunshine Removals can move upright, grand, and baby grand pianos. We move pianos of all types and sizes.

14 years experience in Piano moving is backing us.

I’m worried about the Inner workings of my Piano.
All piano removals should never be done by a normal person. The keys in a grand piano should be removed by a skilled Piano removals company and cared for with extreme caution, especially with its legs. Your piano should finally also be blanketed and strapped appropriately.
My piano is out of Tune. What Happened?
Our movers will be honest in advising the owner that the piano will almost certainly need a re-tune in the first few weeks of moving into your home. A change in environment and humidity and temperature is responsible for this.
I’m worried my Piano will be dropped or damaged?
We use dollies to make sure your piano is cared for. These tools are industry standard, and help us to move your prized items in a way that ordinary moving processes cannot.
Grand piano removals
All sorts of piano Removals. In and Out of all sorts of places.

Free and Friendly words of Wisdom.

Send them home if you see this!

  • The Two movers on each side of the piano trying to Lift. Only one side is Raised in Physics it’s Called Leverage.
  • They Don’t Protect your Polished Floors with moving Blankets. Cast iron wheels can mark the floor severely.
  • If They Don’t Have the right Equipment.
Truck Ramps or Hydraulic Lifts.
Resulting in our piano removals Team getting it on The truck. They should also have a place to secure it with strapping and Blankets.
Our trucks deliver a smooth ride.
Pianos are Top heavy and do not like to be tossed around the back of a van. Our Trucks have compliant airbag Suspensions for a softer ride.
Proper Heavy Duty Piano Trolley.
They have Soft Pneumatic Wheels to be soft on the Flooring. Hard wheels and 200 – 300 Kg Piano aren’t a good mix on soft Floor Boards. Soft Pneumatic Wheels are also helpful when confronting obstacles.

Billiards and Pool Table Removals.

Same as above but these are more complex to move. We recommend a professional service that is experienced. Our Melbourne Pool Table removals team has done all of them. Hence we bring the right equipment and tools to do the job. We have also moved these tables upstairs or just room to room.

To do the move they need two or three men extra and quite a bit more money. Sunshine needs two men if no Stair Case involved. If There is an Assessment of the two locations Should be arranged.

About the Video
Some of the guys doing Piano removals on a Mendelssohn Upright below. Probably 200+ Kg”s and a century old but in an excellent condition. Put it a piano trolley and wind it down a long and narrow Corridor. Then gently take it down two steps to take it toward the truck. Hence don’t try this at home folks.

As well as other things in play in Piano Removals.

We don’t just look after your Piano.

We know its advisable to hire a Skilled Piano Removals Company. Tread your own Path don’t risk your friends well being to save a $.

When doing Piano moving you need to pay attention to things such as protecting Floors, Walls, Door jams and severe injuries to people present. This is why it’s not recommended to DIY Piano removals as there is a lot more at stake. One wrong move can spell an extended time in recovery for a friend or more and not to mention the expensive damages caused by and to the Piano.

For more details, call our friendly team. Please ask for your free quote for piano removals in Melbourne.

Smiling face alternative for Michelle Brooker on Google reviews - page.

Michelle Brooker

Thank you for your professionalism and speed of service. The piano looks fantastic in its new home. Would definitely recommend Sunshine Removals for all your moving needs. Wonderful service

Happy face alternative for Peter Roberts.

Peter Roberts

From the moment I spoke to Michael I knew I was dealing with a professional. We had a large Pianola to move and with difficult access this wasn’t going to be easy but Michael and his men were fantastic we would certainly recommend them. Great job 10 out of 10.
Peter and Marilyn Roberts,
Keilor Victoria.

Happy face alternative for Martina Sansom on Piano Removals Page.

Martina Sansom

Great, friendly service with removing my piano from storage. I recommend these guys.

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