Just Arrived? After home removals fun ways to settle into your new Community.

After your home removals day is finished.

No sooner than you’ve stepped over the home removals threshold and our Melbourne removalists team has left. New anxieties of finding your feet in a new community start to settle. Will your neighbors be friendly? Will your kids love their new school? How will you work out the new public transport system?

All these questions and more are likely to crop up in the first few days during a move if they’re not already on your mind during the move. So here’s how to make settling into your new community enjoyable and fun in a few easy ways.

    • Look past the mess!

While the first thing you might want to do when you arrive is started tackling Mount Cardboard, it’s even more important that you don’t start the task tired or cranky after long hours on the road. Instead, gather the kids, step back across the threshold and head out on a quick neighbourhood scope. This can be as simple as heading out for a restorative coffee or an ice-cream or finding the closest park (which will be a lifesaver to know about in the coming days) in which the kids can blow off pent-up mover’s steam.

    • Offer your skill set.

While the last thing you might feel like attempting is an act of charity after your move, one of the best ways to connect with your new neighborhood is to volunteer for a local event! Find out where your community noticeboard is and introduce yourself as the fresh and willing new helping hand! You’ll be hooked up with new contacts in no time. This is also a great way to develop a business network if you’re looking to restart a business in your new neighborhood.

Check out your new community.

    • Link in with your support groups.

Moving into a new home is not the time to drop contact with vital support services if you’ve always used them in the past. If you’re moving into a completely new territory and losing lots of old contacts through distance, make sure you do your homework and find out where similar support groups meet and services you rely on can be provided. Doctors, care centers, and maternal health services, for example, are critical.

    • Book in some fun.

If you’ve got young children, don’t leave all the fun and exploring up to them! It’s equally important that you find positive ways to reinvent yourself in a brand new life-changing event. If you’ve always wanted to sign up for a dance class, learn the basic command of a new language, or take up another adventurous skill, don’t wait! Make your booking and get ready to start making your new life work for you!

    • Over the fence.

One of the most valuable friendships you can hope to keep is the one you establish with your neighbors. Be sure to introduce yourself, and if there’s a click moment and you’re comfortable to do so, put on the kettle and invite them to sit down for a chat. You may even find your neighbor’s offering you the same hospice, so be sure to take them up on an offer, as great neighbors are an invaluable community resource during a settling period. Don’t forget to ask them where the best parks, shops and coffee spots are!

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