Melbourne piano removalists – Why you should leave the awkward heavy and large objects up to the professionals

Sunshine’s Melbourne piano removalists can move other types of heavy and large furniture as well.

Sunshine’s melbourne piano removals are skilled in managing awkward, heavy and large furniture removals. Sometimes packing and managing your goods for removal is a tough and testing job, one. That can mean you’re likely to put your safety on the line to complete the task. However, there are so many reasons to avoid this. Sunshine Melbourne piano removalists are here to help. Read on!

    • Safety First.

Almost everyone has pushed the boundaries at some stage when it comes to keeping safe and moving their goods into their new home. Whether that urge to stretch the rules comes from the need to rush the job, save some dollars, or the feeling that the finishing line is just around the corner, you’re far more likely to try and push your bedhead up the last flight of stairs before assessing a safe and care-conscious plan.

    • Worst Case Scenario:

We’ve all heard the horror stories about finding that perfect couch, bed or settee, paying for it, having it shipped to your home and horror of horrors finding that it doesn’t fit through your front door. So what do you do in those moments of panic?

There are remedies for dramas like these, though unfortunately, it may incur further costs to you. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t get your furniture through the door There are teams that may help including heavy lift machinery professionals or a skilled furniture deconstruction team. Your removalist will know how best to approach this need if it applies to you.

Always refer to a skilled professional to assist you in moving your belongings where possible.


There is always a possibility that there can be serious injuries. When moving objects similarly like a spa pay great attention.

    • Don’t move anything you can’t see over the top of by yourself.

This is one of the best and biggest reasons to hire a removalist. It sounds obvious, but even on a completely flat surface, a sure-footed person cannot be certain they won’t trip over and injure themselves. You should always be able to see over the top of your load and immediately on the front of your feet. If this isn’t possible, you should have someone to help and direct you.

    • Never carry objects downstairs when you have no free hand for stabilising yourself.

A particularly common mistake is to ‘feel’ your way for steps or stairs when you don’t have a hand to steady yourself against poor balance. Never, ever, take a load no matter how light it may be, downstairs if you can’t stop yourself from falling, breaking or damaging your load.

    • Never stack heavy objects on top of each other without securing them first.

While it does seem like the most appropriate way to save time, it’s essential to take heavy objects en route one by one. Stacking boxes or other objects on top of each other increases the likelihood of losing control of them. Even the most professional team of removalists won’t risk this one.

Very Important.

    • Never loop your hands or fingers around string or rope for extra grip on a heavy object.

Looping your hands around a support rope is extremely dangerous, especially if that object can fall, taking you with it. This is a mistake sometimes made moving fridges and whitegoods and it is the mark of a dangerously planned move. This is the best reason to call in your professional removalists.

    • Never use a wheeled vehicle without a strong brake mechanism when moving to a downslope position.

Don’t fancy chasing your getaway fridge down the driveway? Don’t attempt this by yourself. Your professional removalist has all the appropriate props, machines and tools to safely move your expensive, precious and important objects.

Your removalist is there to make your job pain-free. Even if you believe it might be helpful to manage very heavy objects to make them easier to access, you’re urged to reconsider.

The skilled team with Sunshine Melbourne piano removalists will happily be directed towards problematic, large or awkward furniture and using the many years of skill, they will simply and easily move your belongings without unnecessary fuss, or potential injury to you. Don’t risk your health and safety. Call the professionals for a pain and hassle-free solution to your moving needs today.

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