Spa removalists Melbourne a part of furniture moving.

Sunshine spa removalists Melbourne have been moving spas for as long as we existed. We figure it is a part of furniture moving locally. The important thing is that not only is it a large item but it is also heavy. As well as this the spa is not built of bricks and mortar so it can be brittle as well.

Be careful how you handle a spa.

The Spa has many vital and structurally weak equipment and outside facia. It is important to decide what furniture moving techniques you will apply to get it out of tight spaces, out of premises to get it on the Spa removalists Melbourne Truck.

How to check, investigate and move by spa removalists Melbourne.

It is out to check a few things first. Usually, the first place Experienced removalists should check is if the Spa excess from water and electricity of course. Safety is also tantamount in this particular move. A Dolly is advisable but care should be taken where you place it.

Sunshine Spa removalists Melbourne get ready.

Use a couple of furniture moving type guys to lift one end

  • Take the cover off so it won’t get damaged.
  • Pull it out of a tight space along the ground.
  • Open Water drain Outlet at the bottom of the side.
  • Lift opposite to the water outlet.
  • Drain excess water and make it lighter.
  • To Check underneath prop with something solid on one end and make it stable.
  • Tap underneath on cover and check which way the supports go this is the strongest part.
  • If covered you will not see how the sides are protected.
  • Put it gently back down.
  • So tap the sides to look for weak hollow sounds that you stay clear of.

Always make sure you work on the side of safety first and use robust props and equipment as the Spa can weigh over 150 Kgs.

Furniture moving Techniques to get it out of the premises.

In the past Sunshine Spa removalists Melbourne has had to contend with several different situations to get a spa out or into premises. So as you can gather you might need to apply a couple of different plans here.

Vertically if height allows.

You could put it horizontally with the heaviest side on the trolley to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. This is similar to an Upright Piano Removals method and can work if you have no height access to or out of premises. Need at least 3-4 men.

Put a tarp underneath by lifting one end at a time If height doesn’t allow.

If the height of the property does not allow a technique could be to drag it out and when convenient on reasonable surface put it on the dolly on the supports that you investigated. Then using your furniture moving friends keeping it balanced and move it towards the Spa removalists Melbourne Truck waiting outside the property.

Secure it on the truck.

Use a ramp system or a hydraulic lift to get it on the truck. If not enough room put a blanket end tie it standing up. You do need to secure it to the side using the that are strong enough.

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