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The moving house Melbourne checklist can be long and Complex and here at Sunshine we always strive to simplify everything. Like our removalists Melbourne services we work to a Step by Step System so here is a simple checklist to go through. So don’t Wing it when you can use this to make your house moving smoother and its free to you.

First thing. Before you book it’s advisable to know where and when you need to move.

You are either Building or Renovating your home.
For Families building, you have to coordinate with your Builder and Bank to give date and time.

Buying an established home.
You have to you have to coordinate with your bank and your conveyancing on time and window to do your move. This is usually done before you book a top removalists Company.

Shifting into Rental.
The hardest of the lot, As usually it is last minute as real estate agents give preference to people wanting to move in Now. On top of everything you have to correlate with your previous landlord.

2 men moving house Melbourne checklist.
When do you cross of booking from your moving house melbourne checklist?

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Lets Start your individual moving house melbourne checklist.

Questions you should ask your removalists.
It’s important to know if they can handle your particular move. Some things you either you should be aware of or ask.

  • How big is the Truck.
  • Do they use Subies.
  • How long in Business of moving.
  • When do they start charging from their Depot.
  • Do they finish charging back at the Depot.
  • What is their minimum hours.
  • Is GST included.
  • What are their payment methods available?
  • Any other Charges they may have such as for stair and heavy Items . Do they have Terms and Conditions of use of service.
  • Do they have Insurance. Public Liability and Transit insurance is a must and they should be able to provide a copy.

Careful they don’t tell you what you want to hear.
A lot of companies will give you a lot of yes, yeses and might not feel morally bound by their promises. It is important to trust your hunches rather than your ambitions in this case. Getting a Weekend Warrior is not what you are aiming for and is a disaster in waiting. You want the best seat, don’t you? Therefore you should Book ASAP and don’t leave it any later.

Organize Packing start early.
A good way is 1-2 Rooms a day and make sure you do the Kitchen last and bedrooms second Last. If you move with us we can deliver boxes, butchers paper, Packing Tape and Bubble Wrap cheap. You can get us to do it for you the day before. This can be time consuming for you.

1 Week to 1 Day before.

Tick off from your moving house melbourne checklist Change of Addresses.
Do this 1 week before you move so you won’t miss out. This is a good period where minimal disruption will occur. Places you should be contacting are:

Make Sure or you will regret it.

  • Post Office for redirects is a simple way.
  • Banks and Lenders.
  • Utility companies to let you see and have a warm shower in the new home.
  • Telecommunication and Internet Providers.
  • Any Deliveries expected.

On the day make sure they can get their truck as conveniently as possible to the house. If you cover these points you will help your move to be a smooth and successful one.

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