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School furniture movers what ever you need moved.
Sunshine removalists Melbourne services cover all types of handling for Campus and Community Facilities. Don’t risk back injuries. When you can have expert removalists doing your heavy lifting for your campus furniture moving.

[icon name=”graduation-cap” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] EXPERIENCED IN ALL TYPES OF campus and school furniture movers.

    • Internal moving either in Rooms.
      Move or remove your desks and seating heavy equipment around to a new location. we have a service without trucks and only the furniture movers.
    • Internal moving in buildings.
      Stairs involved with your move? Maybe a move down the Passage we can move your equipment around. Safely while school is in attendance.
  • Inter Building.
    New building built and need to your furniture and equipment in during the holidays or during school? We can accommodate a time to suit you? So least interruptions to your activities.
Primary school furniture movers monkey bars.
Primary Schools class relocations annually?
    • Office Shifting.
      Heavy and sensitive office furniture specialists. All H & S procedures practiced to make sure you are covered.
    • Into Storage.
      Need surplus or seasonal equipment moved into storage sheds? Re organize a room no problems. We can re Stack those messy storage rooms and declutter at the same time.
    • Gym Equipment Shifting.
      No need to risk injuries with Sunshine’s Staff we can do a small relocation at very minimal cost. We can move you GYM around or to a new location as we have the right equipment.
  • Events.
    Not enough Tables or big Enough chairs in Primary schools case? We can pickup up and deliver all necessary items and take them away when its all done.
Playground secondary school furniture movers
Secondary school furniture movers.

We at Sunshine are very Flexible. So flexible that there isn’t anything we can not help you with. Please feel free to ring us with any specific needs you may have.

We can give you other Schools that use us as a references.

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