Hints Cleaning Bathrooms – Part 2. Get your bond back

So you’ve carefully and lovingly packed your bathroom up, secured breakables and sealed linen in waterproof protection, undertaken a refreshing clean out and disposal of things you no longer use. Finally, the boxes are stacked and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. Almost there, right? Sounds like you need a few hints cleaning bathrooms.

Unfortunately, the accomplishment of having packed an entire room in your house well, only lasts as long as it takes to realize the worst is yet to come. You now need to bring your old bathroom up to its former glory, in order to leave the bathroom in a suitable condition for the return of your bond.

If you’re renting, the heat is really on, because poorly cleaned bathrooms are a hot issue when it comes to getting your bond back. Leaving them under-par leaves you open to losing a significant chunk from your bond. Here’s how to avoid the drama and get it done the first time perfectly. Check out the following hints cleaning bathrooms below.

You’ll need:

  • Mop and Bucket.
  • Stiff Short Haired Broom.
  • Good Quality Gloves.
  • Cream and Liquid Bleach.
  • Anti-Bacterial Floor Cleaner.
  • Bicarbonate Soda.
  • Spray Bottles.
  • Vinegar.
  • Small Ziploc Plastic Bags.
  • Wire ties.
  • Paper Mask.

Hints cleaning bathrooms.

  2. Check for crusted showerheads first as if they need replacing, you can trust your agent will notice. Fill a Ziploc bag around a quarter full with vinegar, or if you can get hold of it, CLR Clear Cleaning solution. Ease the bag over the showerhead and secure it in place with a wire tie. Leave to sit as long as possible before removing and running the tap to loosen released mineral build-up. The acids in the vinegar should have eaten the build up away, leaving your shower head crystal clean.

  4. Stinky, grubby drains? Spoon around a quarter of a cup of bi-carb soda into each drain, allowing to settle for a few moments. Pour vinegar over the bi-carb and watch the magic take place, bubbling away and eating through any built up grease deposits and stubborn stains.

  6. If your taps and grout have attracted mould, you must remove it. Use a dry cloth to apply cream bleach liberally to grouted surfaces, and a small hard bristled paintbrush to work the bleach into hard to reach areas. Remove the bleach with a hot damp cloth.

  8. Remove scale and build up on shower screens by using a solution of hot water and vinegar. Particularly stubborn stains will lift with a little added bi-carb soda. Simply pour vinegar and hot water into a spray bottle and spritz the screens, leaving for at least 20 minutes. Return with a damp hot cloth and wipe clean. Finish with a good polishing of window spray.

  1. Shower floors and tiled floors should be left until very last. They often require quite a lot of elbow grease or very heavy-duty products to be brought up to a great finish.
  2. For tiled floors with grout, use a scrubbing brush to lift stubborn spots of grease or mould. You can then scrub the floor overall with a stiff broom and a solution made of ½ a cup of cream bleach and 4 litres of hot water.
  3. Allow the mix to foam up and really use your strength to work it right into the grouting. You can remove the mix with a regular mop doused in hot water. Finally, run a final mop with a solution of antibacterial cleaner and extremely hot water over the floor to remove any leftover residue.

Or as an Alternative get on the Phone [icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] to Sunshine.

If you’re all packed and overwhelmed at the idea of cleaning? Maybe you’re simply running out of time to clean before the lease expires? you might want to consider Hauling with the help of some end of lease cleaning professionals isn’t a bad idea. Unlike an everyday cleaner, these guys are part of a team trained to specially clean a home to the high standards your agents expect when you leave it. This gives you the best chance at a total bond refund. More time to get on with the huge task of moving house and a little more time you can use settling into your new home.
Hope you find our hints cleaning bathrooms helpful in Part 1 and part 2.

Sunshine Removals services are here to help. If you’re finding your moving date to be looming at an alarming rate, call us to find out more about the fantastic service we provide. Our removals structured to make moving simpler, faster and easier. We look forward to showing you how easy moving can be! If you find our hints cleaning bathrooms useful please check out our Moving Tips Page and keep an eye out for New Blogs.

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