Moving home Melbourne – How to Decide What Your Removalist Should Take?

Don’t take anything with you that is no longer wanted.

The most efficient movers see moving home Melbourne as an opportunity to lighten their load. Moving house is a great time for you to de-clutter, and certainly, a fantastic time to relieve yourself of some belongings you’d rather not pay to have moved.

Deciding what your removalists should take can be a tricky objective when Melbourne especially if you’re looking to get the most value for money on your moving truck.

While moving home Melbourne on a budget presents its own special set of obstacles. Be sure that need to limit what you send via the moving company to your new home should be planned for accordingly. But, no two moves are ever the same. Here’s how to make moving only a selection of your possessions easier on you and the movers.

Ask yourself what you could do without when moving home Melbourne.


  1. making a list of the things you no longer want.
  2. Contacting your local skip bin hire services. – For a large disposal vessel for high volumes of waste, regular, recyclable and organic.
  3. Calling on your local mobile charity service. – To see if they could use any furniture, bedding or white goods you no longer need.
  4. Host a Garage Sale – if you have time, this can be a great way to de-clutter and make even a little money. It doesn’t have to be huge, most days your community newspaper will allow you to post your yard or garage sale in the classifieds for free.


Are you only looking to have the heaviest and most awkward stuff moved? Why not start with the basics? You’ll find it most effective to have your removalist deal with the following indoor items:

  • Fridges.
  • Freezers.
  • White goods.
  • Beds.
  • Lounges and Couches.
  • Bookshelves and Cabinets.
  • Tables and Chairs.
  • Large TVs and Monitors.

Meanwhile you can get back to work packing the smaller and more manageable things. Remember to label and list your boxed contents religiously. This will make the process of packing and unpacking easier. For a fast settling period relies heavily on your planning!

Packing down furniture.

While your removalist can pack down furniture for you, it may be easier for you to tackle it and save time during your move. Packing down bedding and furniture gives you a clearer idea of what you’re limited to moving yourself.

MOVING TIP: To make furniture easier to reassemble after you’ve moved in, take pictures on your smartphone to help you remember how you took it apart!


  • If you’re looking to move large and intricate objects that require specific care. You should always specify to your service provider that they’re a priority during the move. Communication here is key, and the right mover will be able to demonstrate a history of successful moves of this nature.
  • If you don’t want to move your artwork yourself, your removal company may have specialist packing boxes.Pool Tables and pianos present their own set of hurdles during a move. Both need to be specially disassembled and cared for during the move. Classed as sensitive objects your removalist should know exactly how to treat the individual parts of these objects once they are taken apart.

Sunshine Removals are skilled in assisting you during the hassle and stress of moving your home or office. Our range of helpful services is designed to make the moving period far more manageable and can be tailored to suit your need. Call [icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] us to speak with a member of our solutions focused team today!

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