Budget move Part -2 – House Removals services – Where will your money go?

Welcome to Part – 2( Part – 1 in case you missed it ), Budgeting to Move. While the previous article discussed potential areas to spend quite a lot in your moving venture, part two aims to cover the remaining areas such as paying the house removal services. What tools and materials you need to operate your move and what you need to consider about your moving travel expenses.

back of truck house removals service

What other things you should consider.


While your removals company looks set to incur the greatest expense during your move, there are certainly ways to plan not to spend on a removals company. Don’t assume that biggest is best! Boutique companies like Sunshine Removals can provide quality removalists Melbourne service at a reduced cost Even discounts for students in some cases.


Moving Trolley, Dollies, Truck, sensitive object removals? You may want to consider hiring or buying your own trolley (inflatable wheels are best). TIP: If you have a piano or pool table to move, don’t forget you’ll need a specialized service provider to take care of it professionally.

    1. Looking after your moving assistants.

Got friends helping with your move? Keep some cash aside to plan a thank-you meal. Barbecue to provide for friends if you’ve had some lifesaving help during a move. It’s such a welcome gesture after a long days work.


Be sure to put aside your most essential costs during moves. While you may not need to list all of them, remember that those last minute additions can really put you behind if you’re trying to keep costs down. Areas you might want to consider include:

      • Airline Tickets.
      • Shopping and Meals.
      • On the Spot Food and Fuel.
      • Accommodation.
      • Miscellaneous.

It’s important to know that moving into your new home doesn’t need to be the expensive venture that others might pin it out to be. There are always ways to save money and keep the level of hassle down when it comes to finding your feet in your new home. Budget removalists in Melbourne & how to make even cheaper?

Finally at your New Home.

Once you’re into your new home, the boxes are put down and the dust has begun to rest, the urgency of getting things done tends to settle down immediately. You find the majority of your expenses is coming from moving out of your existing home. Don’t forget you can filter at least a few of the expenses associated with moving into your new residence over the next weeks while you settle.

It’s really about harm minimization! For example, packing and unpacking teams are a fantastic resource. You may only want to use one or the other to save money. If you can handle unpacking yourself slowly, why not simply opt to have the team pack your goods from the home you’re leaving, or vice versa according to need?

Sunshine Removals continue to provide excellent customer satisfaction in house removal services in of all sizes across Melbourne and surrounding areas, into interstate moving and beyond. If you need assistance with your move, or you’d like to find more information on how to best manage your upcoming move, please call ☏ our friendly team. There are plenty of services We can reassure you that moving can indeed be pleasant and doesn’t need to break the bank.

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