Bathroom cleaning – part 1

Unless you’re a well-organized bathroom cleaning person when it comes to moving out. You might find the idea of packing it up in order to relocate a bit of a nightmare.

The truth is bathrooms are often dumping grounds for things you no longer need, want, or use. Moving home is actually a great opportunity to refresh your bathroom stocks and introduce some great organization into your bathroom. Here’s how to pack your bathrooms for success when moving home.

You will need:

  • Garbage Bags (strong varieties always win out).
  • Newspapers.
  • Boxes.
  • A selection of plain cotton cleaning rags or other absorbent dusters.
  • Pen, markers and notebook.

Tips to Consider when bathroom cleaning.

  • It’s always recommended to pack your belongings first rather than clean around them. Seeing as so many bathroom products are kept in bottles and tubes, and may easily be spilled, you should choose a range of smaller boxes.
  • Start with your bathroom linen, taking your time to fold or transfer anything with care so you can just as easily re-home it when you unpack again. Anything staying in storage for longer than a month is worth considering for vacuum-sealed plastic.
  • Packing towels and sheets into boxes may be the easiest task, but don’t forget that when you’re packing valuables, towels can be very handy and you may want some to cushion any breakables you pack.
  • Once all fabric objects have been packed, move these boxes away from where they can’t be water damaged or impinge on your space.
  • Your bathroom cleaning up is the ideal time to pare back on what you no longer need. Many people hang onto products that have passed their use-by date (yes, self-care products and many cosmetics have a shelf life too).
  • Don’t forget to wipe down bathroom products as you go, as there’s little more frustrating when unpacking than needing to clean the objects you’re putting away.
  • Seal any fussy or loose objects like cue-tips or cotton buds in seal-able plastic Ziploc bags, especially if you keep them in glass containers or breakable packaging. You can pack and store your breakable items together more carefully when they’re kept together.
  • Don’t forget to mark your boxed items with a clear content list. Label the contents in your notebook and mark the box with a number.

We can arrange Professional Cleaners.

If you really can’t afford the time, or even bear the thought of tackling your bathroom cleaning? Perhaps it’s time to rope in the assistance of a professional cleaning team? A team of home moving packers can come to you and manage the hard work, while you get on with life’s demands.

Sunshine Removals always commit to delivering high-quality removals services to our clients. Wherever they may be and to wherever they call their new home. We understand what’s most important to our clients and we’re dedicated to making sure your needs are met every time.

For further information on the range of services we provide, please call [icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] our friendly team. We look forward to assisting and supporting you during your relocation.

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