Melbourne furniture removals company rate’s Womo Reviews

Melbourne furniture removals company rate Womo Reviews are they a good indication of a companies Rating. Or are they just propping up their own business and their clients in a not so honest way? Word Of Mouth a catchy name indicating that this site is helping you to find the best movers.

Or is it? This is a study of how WOMO ratings are posted.

All companies want the best ratings and there are almost as many ratings/reviews providers pointing their fingers as there are companies. Today we will expose how flawed they are and the security put in place to stop companies giving themselves a pat on the back.

Womo how trustworthy is their rating for a Melbourne furniture removals company?

the image above is what we find offensive and clearly shows their lack of procedure to make sure they are legit reviews. Here is a review with their own rating of the reviewer clearly stating they do not trust them. Why? Well because the client puts in a review but the client skips verification of who they are. Womo gives percentage points on trust like this:

  • Verification of Email
  • Verification of Mobile Phone
  • A Verification of Facebook
  • How many reviews this client has posted

Verification of Email

How hard is it to get an Email? pretty simple and quick right. Just click on Hotmail make an address give your name and password on you’re done correctly? Email addresses alone makes this not a very reliable recommendation.

Verification of Mobile Phone

A Lot more reliable a how many phones can the reviewer have? So generally I would put more emphasis on this than an email address from Gmail or Hotmail. Having both you could say they would have brownie points for this.

Verification of Facebook

Facebook can be as weak as just an email address but if you click on the image of the person that65 owns this account and they have a reasonable timeline than it certainly proves that there is a genuine person running this account.

How many reviews this client has posted

This part of their verification is absolutely nowhere as they state the more reviews you do with Womo the more trustworthy you are. What a load of C*;P( crap )

WOMO is definitely a reviewer not to take notice of in my opinion

Summary of Reviewer above that they allowed rating a Company. Trust Rating 10% as no verification at all only the posting of the review. Wow. So if the review is 10.00% and the review is five stars than after adjustment to include their own rating of the reviewer we get this mathematical Formula. 5( Rating ) + 0.5( Trust Rating ) divided by 10 Total Stars = Real Rating would be 2.75 Stars out of 5 Stars.

Melbourne furniture removals company reviews WOMO quotes with Mike.I’m Mike

Let me welcome you to Suspect Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews in WOMO – Article. An interesting study of what Google dishes up. The imporatnce of looking further. I thank you very much and hope you find this useful and please do not forget to share and add any comments and likes.

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