How much do Melbourne removalists charge per hour?

How much do Melbourne removalists charge per hour and what should you expect. With local Melbourne furniture moves, we find that majority are charged by the hour and this hourly rate seems to vary. I should also mention that the time taken seems to also vary as does the estimated quotes for the same move.

Some companies promise the world in order to book the job in. A client receiving basically what they want to hear( cheapest Removalists charge per hour. Yes we can do it for a cheaper rate, we can move your piano as well, yes we are fully insured and yes we can do you 4 bedroom house plus garage in 2 – 3 hours.

The removalist charge per hour is the amount of time taken by the set hourly rate.

Some removalists quote $70.00 dollars per hour while others quote $150.00 so which one should we take. This one is a no-brainer right you go for the $ 80.00 for sure. Why the difference in price so big is there something missing with one and not the other?

A simple scenario could be that the $ 80.00 per hour brings only one man and better still a truck not much bigger than a van. While the more expensive Removalists charge per hour supplies a big enough truck to move it in one trip. After the Dirt cheap Melbourne Removalists, charge per hour extends to 14 hrs and cheekily adds extra for the GST on top your bill seems a lot higher.

Break down of the two bills.

  • 5 hours for $150 is a total of $750.00
  • 14 hrs for $80.00 is a total of $1120.00( many klms of travel )

As well one should factor in a very tired mover or movers that obviously are not that experienced. By the way, if no damage occurred by a Tatts ticket. As usual, they do not have the right equipment to do the job correctly.

Sure an extreme case but very relevant especially if the rate is within the same range $10 – $20.00.

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