Suspect Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews in WOMO

Suspect Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews in WOMO.

On this day noted above we have a supposedly trusted website giving reviews on Companies in Melbourne Australia. The site in question is and the organization is WOMO to which is a backlink generator to its parent Company. So One Flare is a website designed to aggregate leads for companies that pay them a percentage or a determined amount of $ for the leads.

So how relative is the search engine result you asked for which is blurted out by Google?

Google is a very highly technically advanced bit of technology and should be admired but they have a fair way to go before they achieve an even platform for everyone. Even now they keep changing algorithms daily many times in order to keep spammers in check.

Yes, we have a case study of how SEO Companies are still spamming and Google seems blind to it or doesn’t care to give the most relevant answers. Put in Googles Search Box the term Removalists Melbourne Western Suburbs and you will see a website with just under 200 reviews 5 Star in a row. Investigating further all those reviews are posted on WOMO.

Suspect Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews in WOMO the Example.

Google rules broken are these:

  • Trust
    • 8 5 star reviews on same days 2 days in a row and so on?
    • WOMO is a backlink front for One Flare. Top Menu has a direct link to them.
    • Incentives offered to reviewers coupons etc. Reviewers should be freely willing to review after extra ordinary great Melbourne Western Suburbs removals experience.
    • Local Removalists Melbourne Western Suburbs but their map clearly shows they are completely on the other side of Melbourne( miles away ).
    • Check other bedtime stories on this website as it is clearly designed for insomniacs.
  • Aggragators Such as one flare intercept enquiries and give the impression of finding best deals.
  • They do not inform you of the money they charge and that only Services Subscribed to their fees get leads?
  • So How trustworthy is this WOMO Reviews. Google seems to think they are fine as they show them.
  • I find the linking of these two sites as a conflict of interest. They are clearly covering up as much as possible without alerting the search engine.
  • Why? Because Google Organic Search is supposed to be fair Right?
  • Clearly the site that has the two hundred reviews is mainly duplicate content with just the Suburb and keywords changed.
  • This is not the only case but is prevalent throughout the Search engines answers to queries of users.
  • So make sure you also check other results presented and look for anomalies like these.
  • Tread your own path and choose wisely. If they start false than what sort of service can one really expect.
Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews quotes with Mike.I’m Mike

Let me welcome you to Suspect Fake Melbourne Removalists Reviews in WOMO – Article. An interesting study of what Google dishes up. The imporatnce of looking further. I thank you very much and hope you find this useful and please do not forget to share and add any comments and likes.

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