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More and More Sunshine furniture removals in Melbourne involve and the need of good apartment removalists Melbourne service. When it comes to moving Companies and new buildings are coming up all over the place there are sometimes restrictions that will come into play.

#1 Experience cannot be taught.

Very different style of moving house especially when moving to an apartment where things are a little more complicated. First of all most of them do not have a driveway, houses do not have lifts and access can be restrictive as well. Basically, these types of furniture removals in Melbourne can throw budgets and plans into the air.

Apartment removalists Melbourne the unique aspects and how they affect your furniture removals in Melbourne

If you are moving to or from an apartment then you need more than a backpackers or student furniture removals in Melbourne service that represents itself as dirt cheap.

No driveway

  • Basement Access.
  • Keycard Access
  • Longer walk to the lift.
  • A Longer walk from the lift.

Lifts and their quirks

  • Sometimes have to share lift with residents.
  • Lifts can be slow.
  • you certainly need to stack lift.
  • Struggle with lift doors.
  • Access to lift is limited. Usually booked.


  • Lift is too small for some items
  • 4 seaters will not make the turn into the apartment
  • 4 seaters will not fit into the lift.
  • Wide fridges will not fit.

A competent apartment removalists Melbourne service must also deal with residents using the building infrastructure, Bodycorp rules or management. So if you think you will get away with it dirt cheap with a weekend warrior consider the possibility of damage.

Just think of the disaster should one hit a fire sprinkler and start counting the cost especially if not with a reputable apartment removalists Melbourne Company. Fire department charges a reasonable false alarm fee if it is false.

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