Is a man with a van removals good enough?

Is a man with van removals capable of moving anything more than an Item or two at a time safely? Apart from some Melbourne removalists Companies that have decided to name themselves this the answer is a definite no. If the destinations are an hour apart than two trips will take 4 hours just in travel and you did not even scratch the surface. Not for that matter will a man with a truck matter either.

Your cheap furniture removalists Melbourne service has just turned into a nightmare.

A Case study recent client of ours Beverly had to move locally into a retirement housing. We received the call from a Jim her Son in Law looking for a move on that day. The story goes as follows but the main excuse 5 minutes prior to us receiving Jim’s call was the truck is still in Canberra and these clients of these pieces of furniture removalists are in Melbourne a local move.

Man with van removals delivers a fridge and they hire him to move their house.

Greedy ‘house removalist Melbourne weekend warrior’ accepts this midweek. But in the hope “man with van removal” and his regular deliveries are quite on that day. After all, he has only one truck so how is he going to satisfy everyone? I am concerned also how long did he know that he could not service Beverly’s Needs of a move in Melbourne with his truck more than 650 Km’s away? Look at the case a senior citizen needs a move within Melbourne western Suburbs and this imbecile decided to stop her looking for someone other than a back yarder.

No telling you that she was having kittens in the morning.

So if they( cheap removalists Melbourne Service ) seem like a nice guy that has a van and does deliveries think twice before you feed his Greediness and hence leaving yourselves in the wilderness. At Sunshine Removals we do not condone people being let down 5 minutes before they are due.

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Had these guys move me out twice! Highly Recommend! Thanks fellas.

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