Removalists Melbourne quotes 3 IMPORTANT things to consider.

When a family wants to move locations and is searching the web for removalists Melbourne quotes what are the three most important things to consider. In this article, we will give you our opinion on what you should look out for. Is it the best hourly rate or the one you felt most comfortable with on the phone. I agree they are very important but you should consider other facets of moving as well.

During our 15 years of existence in the furniture moving industry we here a lot of stories about previous moves that our relocations clients tell us about. From breaking cherished furniture, antiques, not turning up and slow work by previous moving companies they hired. Sometimes I wonder how they found them and what made them contract these Concerns.

A Removalists Melbourne quotes why are there so many angry movers.

So what are these 3 things important aspects of considering quotes? Well, firstly you should ammo cocked and loaded so you are not lost when you are questioning the service.

  • Their Reputation and reviews.
  • Do they have the service you require?
  • How big are the trucks?

Reputation and Reviews

What are their ratings and reviews that make up their reviews? Not all reviews are honest and if they seem too long and fake you could consider they could be from the removal Service themselves. I think Google Reviews and Facebook are the strongest ones for Australia. These have to be the hardest to cheat as they are linked back to the reviewer. I would consider WOMO( they make money on reviews ), testimonials without a link back to the review itself with a grain of salt in its worth.

Do they have the service you require?

When considering a removalists Melbourne Quote you have to know they can do all the tasks required. Some do not even carry tools to disassemble and assemble beds to get them through the doorways. Can they move the piano, pool table and large pot plants? You get the drift and inform them of things out of the ordinary.

How big are the trucks?

Too many trips there and back can cost you more than you estimated for. If the truck is too small than extra time has to be allowed for makes sense? So always make sure you find out the cubic meters and not the tonnage of the vehicle supplied. And make sure you are covered by Transit Insurance in case the truck has a mishap on the road.

Removalists Melbourne quotes with Mike.I’m Mike

Hi and let me welcome you to Removalists Melbourne quotes 3 MOST IMPORTANT things to consider – blog. Clients are clearly indicating their displeasure with some movers. Some facts and tips to help you get through the process. I thank you very much and hope you find this useful and please do not forget to add any comments and likes.

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Grazie to Michael and Peter for their great service to satisfaction. I will definitely using them again in the future. I knew from the start I was in good hands fron the way Michael spoke to me.

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