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Sunshine Removalists Western Suburbs Melbourne often get calls for picking up Goods from overseas. Our movers were at the pickup point of the warehouse and ready to deliver to the final destination. The warehouse is usually where customs agents from Australia inspect the cargo. If you can imagine the task of inspecting goods imported and looking for contraband hidden in the Cargo. This is a very important job to be mindful that these officers are also not responsible for your cargo.

Sometimes our removalists Western Suburbs Melbourne see goods damaged by the inspection.

At least this is what is relayed to us by the Warehouse or International Customs and freight forwarding Services. One way to protect yourselves against the Slashing of a knife is to mark your cargo properly. We see on many of these jobs knife cuts into leather, Painted or polished furniture. Also, a reputable service is a must as the agency must know all the tricks in presenting its cargo. Need to make it accessible to these borders security officers. So some points and tips for people importing and even exporting:

  • No one or any Organization or Service has control what Customs expect.
  • If Furniture wraps at least three layers of Bubble wrap.
  • If it has legs and hard corners proper padding for these needs to be utilized.
  • Use reputable Customs Agents.
  • Clearly mark and if possible a picture of contents.
  • If they do damage there is no recourse for you as they are doing their job.

Hope you find this post about Removalists Western Suburbs Melbourne & Customs inspection insightful and helpful. Mainly at least seeing the risks of importing Goods into Australia. Please be aware that these agents are providing a valuable service in protecting us. So please like and share and if you have any comments please feel free to put it below.

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Hi and let me welcome you to Melbourne’s Removalists Western Suburbs Melbourne & Customs inspection blog. Clients are clearly indicating their frustrations with Customs. Some facts and tips to help you get through this Stress. I thank you very much and hope you find this useful in your importing and exporting task.

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