Are removalists Melbourne Companies telling movers what they want to hear?

In the first place not all removalists Melbourne Companies tell fibs. As a matter of fact movers should ask themselves this question before they ring removalists Melbourne
. As well as can it also be that they are tunnel visioned or they have a blind on? By the same token lots of intending movers have the same condition. Hence you are not the only one if this is the case?

Equally important we agree the fairest way includes the rate you are being charged, but other things come to play also.

Have you heard from older and wiser heads this before?

“You get what you pay for!”

As a result sometimes or a lot of them end up paying more for the removalists. Following are a few examples that can cost you more if you are not vigilant.

Then are movers asking the right Questions from removalists Melbourne Companies?

Sunshine removalists Melbourne Companies Truck and movers
The removalists Melbourne Companies sometimes fib to movers. At Sunshine if we say we will supply a big truck ?That is what will arrive at you premises.

Above all we see and hear is $$$$$.

This case above in the long run could get you into trouble. You see there are a lot of different removalists Melbourne Companies waiting for you to ring.

Some Points you should consider.


Are house moving Companies handily located with their depot. You could be paying a hefty depot to depot fee.

Trucks are they big enough? More trips more money.


Have they been in Business long? Can they handle the job.


Insurances and protection for your items.

Do they have the right equipment for the job.


When do they ask for payment?

Some removalists ask for payment before they unload and hold you to ransom.

Do the accept Eftpos, credit cards, and EFT will tell you a lot about who you are dealing with.

Is GST included in their Quote?

Get everything upfront with them straight away.

The number of removalist coming?

How many hands come with this removalists Melbourne service?

Do they charge for hardships?

Are stairs OK?

Heavy items no problems and not extra?

Do you bubble wrap always. Unnecessary and a good way to waste your money.

Can they confirm in writing?

Hope this is helpful and please use Sunshine’s comments if you have input into this article? We would love to hear from you.

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