Moving furniture & Your Large Family – How to get it Right.

Are you moving furniture and your entire family? It’s crucial to understand that the moving furniture process is going to require some great forward planning. If you’ve moved home with a family previously, odds are there are mistakes to learn from.

Our removalists have put together a few scenarios for you.

Mainly which mistakes are commonly made by movers and removalists Melbourne services. Hence including a few ways, you can avoid them in the future.

Scenario One: Not Finding the Best Deal.

“We didn’t shop around looking for a removalist. Between all the hassle of finding a removalist who could provide the service when we needed it, was insured and had a great brand behind them, we ended up finding out later that the bill was bigger than it needed to be. It wasn’t that we were unhappy with the service at all, just that we could have asked around for a better deal and saved more than we imagined, simply because we thought the standard cost would be the same pretty much everywhere.”

The Fix:

Always research the competition and find a provider who is both local to you and whose services are competitively priced. Talk to the provider you most want to work with about your budget and how they may be able to assist you in meeting it.

Scenario Two: Failing to Plan your moving furniture with detail.

“When we moved from Adelaide to Melbourne, we’d planned the trip really well, settled quickly and came out on top. A few years later when we moved to a close-by suburb in Melbourne, we packed up quickly, didn’t use a thorough plan and found the move overall quite difficult. It’s funny how moving interstate was way less of a challenge but this simple move just a few miles away was more trouble to us. It definitely comes down to having a good plan, at least 6 weeks before you’re due to shifting out. Labelling your boxes properly is non-negotiable!”

The Fix:

Moving plans are always an essential aspect of your move. Your plan has to include everything, from your cleaning lists, pet care providers, packing lists and box contents, down to new utilities and the closest coffee shop to you. Get this right and you’ll have the smoothest move possible.

Scenario Three: Chaos on Moving Day.

“Our family of four had to do moving furniture quickly and under a lot of stress. We had our bored kids under out feet trying to pack, and two cats getting in the way on removal day, one of which ran away from the stress of the move and really ramped up the hassle on our big day. In hindsight, I had no idea how important it was to get the kids into care on those days and to have the pets looked after until we settled- what saved us was being well planned otherwise, even though we had to prioritize our lost cat when we should’ve been attending other things.

The Fix:

It’s important to keep small kids and busy pets occupied for the moving day, to give you plenty of time to pack well and stick to your plan without distraction. Make it up to them during the far smoother settling in time you’ll enjoy!

Scenario Four: Underestimating the Value of your Packing Team.

“My husband and I are collectors who have quite a lot of bits and pieces. We’ve moved twice together, and the first time we packed and unpacked our many bits and pieces, mostly breakables, painstakingly and without a lot of experience in packing such a lot of possessions in bulk. It took such a long time for us to unpack and set up our collections again. The second time we moved, we were recommended the service of a packing and unpacking team and jumped on it. It was a heaven send and we’d recommend it time and time again.

The Fix:

Packing and unpacking teams provide a service most clients appreciate ten-fold. While not everyone is privy to good packing practice, your team know exactly how to treat precious goods and keep them safe during the move. It’s a service to consider, regardless of your moving needs.

Do you have a looming move date? Want to make sure you’ve got every base covered? Sunshine Removals are recognized for providing a range of high-quality services you’ll truly appreciate your move. For more information on our offered services, please call us and speak to a member of our friendly team of removalists for a great deal.

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