Your furniture removalists Checklist – Keep it Handy!

If the organisation is the furniture removalists best friend, then failing to keep up with a moving day checklist has to be a mover’s worst enemy. Sunshine Removals are a team of professional removalists, skilled in orchestrating the smoothest moves. To be sure your moving day goes smoothly, it seems like a good idea to prepare your moving house day checklist. Refer to it throughout the day for the best outcomes possible.

Here are our best tips for a seamless furniture removalist service day, and a big day that goes as smoothly as possible.

First of all, prepare your Mover’s Survival Kit

Whether you’ve got kids, pets, or lots of belongings that need to stay close to you on your furniture removalists day. Hence a Mover’s Survival Kit will keep you sane for the duration of your relocation. We recommend the following items to be popped into your kit so you can keep them close at all times: Checkout our blog Moving during the hot months? Here is how to plan for success.

Survival Kit:

  • Essential Documents and Credentials: license, passport if required, quotes and schedules you need to refer to.
  • Snacks and Refreshments: A thermos of hot coffee, tea or soup, a couple of prepackaged sandwiches. Snacks such few portable nibbles will be most welcome when you hit the mover’s slump.
  • Weather Protection: Sunscreen/wet weather poncho.
  • Overnight Comforts: Consider what you’ll need for consecutive days or overnight moves, like your toothbrush, or soap and other bathroom essentials.
  • Celebratory Items: If you’re the type who favours the champagne over a cup of tea at the end of a hard days work, put a bottle of sparkling in too. Just make sure you’ve got somewhere to cool it down!
Sunshine furniture removalists truck and a Hi-Rise apartment
Its important to be ready when your furniture removalists arrive.

Lets get into your furniture removalists day.

Keep it Separated

Whatever you do, be sure to keep that which you want to be packed completely separated from the items you want to have with you at all times. Think about important documents, valuable items you need to keep close, kids baggage, overnight clothing and snacks.

Befriend the Garbage Company

Make sure your waste and rubbish are going to be moved from the property if you need to leave beforehand. This can be as simple as asking the neighbours to contact you if there are any problems. Skip collection should be arranged as early as possible after you fill the bins. Don’t leave a skip unattended unless you have to (an open skip on a street often becomes a dumping ground for other neighbour’s rubbish).

Update the Neighbors

So letting the neighbours know you’re leaving is a great idea because they can be advised the furniture removalists truck may need some extra parking space. Also in case, they worry about noise or lots of activity going on outside. A friendly note an option to contact you if they need to is all that is required. How will your kids adjust after a big move?

Say your buys but keep in touch.

Keep the Communication Lines Open!

Being informative during the moving process keeps everybody moving. Furthermore, If you can’t be present during the move, make sure there is a reliable and clear plan left for your movers so nothing is moved that you need to keep with you. Keeping your furniture removalists team informed is the best way to ensure a smooth moving day.

Before Waving the Truck Off…

For everyone’s peace of mind, make sure you run through contact and destination details. Also estimated delivery times, and any expected setbacks before the furniture removalists truck leaves. This way, you’ll be able to wave goodbye with a sense of accomplishment and closure, which always signifies a fantastic move. A few minutes is all it takes!

Hence moving house day doesn’t have to be the dreaded event most people expect it to be. Finally, for a fantastic service, you’ll want to recommend, be sure to contact us at Sunshine furniture removalists for the friendly and professional advice you can trust. Happy Moving!

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