How will your kids adjust after a big move?

Many people are surprised to find out that a big house move is tipped as one of the topmost unsettling life events an individual can experience, alongside the shock of losing a long-term job or even of losing a loved one! Keeping this in mind, it’s important that we consider the impact this can have on small children who really tend to rely on consistency and routine to feel secure every day.

Moving house with Sunshine’s furniture removalists Company can put a huge dent in the comfort of your child’s day, but the great thing is, kids are very adaptable and bounce back far quicker than adults do when faced with a significant change. Here’s how to make it easy on your kids, during your move, and what you can do to bring a level of comfort back into the changes ahead.

Before the big house move Day.

Talk to your kids about moving with a professional service in a positive way, and often. Don’t assume that your smaller kids won’t care about the move as much as older ones do, or that they need fewer opportunities to talk about the move. Smaller ones like to be reassured and can sponge up the stress and change that happens around a move- stressed phone calls, packing boxes, etc…drawing pictures and singing songs or telling stories about moving can help your child understand the change that’s about to happen.

Plan a Leaving Party

Primary School aged kids love to party, whatever the reason. A great way to help them look forward to the move can be a small party, hosted in the backyard or somewhere in the house that can be easily packed up and cleaned. A cake, some games, and a few songs don’t need to have a huge impact on your moving schedule, and it can be a great time to say goodbye to neighbors and friends over a cuppa. TIP: paper plates and cups for everyone!

Child’s Moving Survival Kit

While packing a child’s moving kit may be the last thing you have time to plan, keep in mind that many parents call the children’s survival moving kit a true lifesaver! Keep it simple and don’t go overboard with itsy-bitsy games in which the pieces can go missing or get lost in a moving vehicle. Why not let your child decorate their moving survival kit themselves? A cardboard box, medium in size makes the perfect survival kit container. Think about adding:

  • Overnight essentials- toothbrush, soap, and towel.
  • Drawing and Art supplies.
  • Electronic devices and charger.
  • Magnetic Board Game ( great for chess fans in the car ).
  • Travelers Diary ( great for older kids ).
  • Snacks and treats for the Journey.

Keeping Contacts for the Big house move

Older kids may rely on their own mobile phone to contact friends, but younger kids tend to love the idea of getting their school friends to fill out their mailing addresses in a special contacts book on their last day at school. You can buy really inexpensive contact books for a couple of dollars at a bargain store. This is a great way for kids to retain friendships when moving interstate especially.

Sunshine Removals are proud to offer a range of high-quality removal services to the Melbourne and surrounding area with interstate moves also included in our travelling regions. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to be quoted at a great price for your move. Our team of skilled professionals are only too happy to show you how to make moving the simple and hassle-free event it can be. We look forward to discussing your move at the next opportunity!

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