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We have two services for kitchen relocation at Sunshine skilled removalists. We Service High-End retailers in delivering their Luxurious and imported Kitchens ready to install. Of course we also help Residential moves by offering house packers services along with our moves and all furniture removals services we offer.

Sunshine does New kitchen Deliveries for Kitchen Manufacturers and Retailers.

The process should be quite easy, but the drawers and cabinets are filled with items you want and need. Hence kitchen relocation is one of the most painful aspects of moving your home. As a place in the home where so much happens, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure your kitchen survives the move with a winning edge – which is why we provide our specialty service of kitchen relocation.

One of the biggest things you can do when you are moving is to do a kitchen relocation.

kitchen relocation
We Pack and do kitchen relocation for households and manufacturers.

What’s the first thing you’ll want to do when the removalists have left?
When the trucks are gone, the day is done, and all you want to do is relax, most people wish they could remember which box the kettle is packed in (not to mention the cups and tea bags.)

Not with our professional kitchen relocation service.
All you’ll need to do is switch the kettle on and make your cup of tea, explore your new space and enjoy the sense of comfort and accomplishment that a smooth moving day brings with it. According to your directions, we’ll go about setting up your new kitchen in a way that is functional, inviting, and homely.

I’ve bought new things for my kitchen. Can you unpack those too?
If you’d like to use the opportunity to set your new kitchen up with your new belongings, we can do that too. If some of your possessions are destined for the bin, while others must be worked into your new space.

I’m worried about my breakables.
We know that many people are somewhat nervous about the prospect of moving crystal, glassware, and expensive kitchen utensils. Rest assured, Sunshine Removalists have been in the game for many years now, and we provide this service because we’ve learned what people want most from their move. Stress relief, and a great service to boot.

Please Call our friendly team and you’d like to talk to us about relocating your kitchen.

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