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stairs billiard table removals.

Sunshine’s Pool and billiard table removals since 2003.

We do all sorts and sizes of pool and billiard table removals and we can do them with your house move as well. So no need to organize a separate move our furniture movers services do them daily. We always carry the right equipment on our removal trucks.

Have experience in all sorts of locations. We carry the right equipment.

This enables us to do it quickly and carefully protecting your table and your home.

Sunshine movers are skilled in pool and billiard table removals.

Our billiard table specialists carry proper doleys with soft surfaces to protect your investment. Our furniture removals services only send trained staff and appropriate number of staff. We make sure that the pool or billiard table is transported to the location. Also delivered in the same condition it left the pick-up address.

Protection for your House and Table.

We recommend that you clear a clear path for the billiard table removals. Sunshine’s removalists carry blankets to protect the table and floor and most times remove the legs. We recommend a protective layer sourced by you for floor boards under the legs of the table.

Take this Table down stairs.

Yes we will put it back on its legs.

Of coarse unless otherwise instructed by you. Hence we will recommend the best and safest way to store it.

Or Down the Stairs?

You will require to spend a little bit of time leveling the table. This is an easy process and usually requires only a level and a shifter or spanner. You can ask our removalists on how to go about it.

Our movers meet your highest expectations.

Our Expert pool and billiard table removals along with the right tools provided for the specific job will always deliver it the way it left. Please call for a free quote and consultation regarding your specific needs.

Sunshine's billiard table removals, taken from Upstairs.
From Upstairs and Back to Upstairs utilizing the ground floor in between. Just Saying. For our billiard table removals team.

Knowledge and Training are The keys.

At Sunshine Removals our staff is trained in moving Pool and Billiard Tables. We send staff with the specialist skills for these as any mistake can cause damage and injury.

Best Piano removals Melbourne service check our ratings.

When it comes to moving a Piano, even something heavy or awkward like either a bar or Gym station we have the expertise. Sunshine removals Melbourne can deliver. We have many odd request and always willing to listen and make suggestions. Piano removals Melbourne team use ramps and can do stairs as well to get it out and into places. We also do Kitchen and restaurant moves as well as other types of commercial removals.

If you’d like to experience the premium Pool and Billiard table moving service of the Sunshine Removals team. please call [icon name=”phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] our friendly staff for more information today on the above number.

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I used Sunshine to dispose of the remainder of my mother’s house contents after she moved into aged care. The pair worked very efficiently, moving 1.2 tonnes and in 2.5 hours. Combined with a low hire rate, definitely the way to go.

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