Moving house electronics how to work out the connections.

Moving house electronics how to work out the connections when you have moved all the household. Sunshine Removals through Me Mike who writes these blogs for us will try and help in getting reconnected again. It all looks like spaghetti right and how will you remember where everything goes. This Maze can be simplified in most cases by just having a couple of the Tools.

Simplifying the process when moving house electronics.

When working with Connections, wires and combination of electronic equipment you either pay for an Expensive Technician or get organized. Moving house furniture might not be your main expense. A brief read here will help you make the decision.

1 – Tools needed and where to Start.

  • Marking Pen.
  • Sticky Tape.
  • Cut up Paper for Tags.
  • Camera for images.
  • Peace of Paper – Diagrams.

2 – Take Pictures of everything.
Before anything Take photos of the connections so you have a picture available always. Don’t leave any details out in this part. They say a picture is a thousand words so this article is a lot shorter than a diagram based tutorial.

3 – Tag all Wires desperately.
This part of the moving house electronics process is the most time-consuming. Tag at both end noting the connection to which item. It is the part that will make it all fit together with the help of Step 2.

4 – Make Sure you have all Connections together.
Box with the items the connections belong to or carry them in one container for example bag or box. Keep the box handy in case you want to turn the LCD on for the kids. Hence keep them busy.

5 – Make Sure you have available Terminals.
Today’s Home electronics environment means more and more are getting connected. Everything is now interconnected so please make sure you have the right connections available at the new residence. Remember Foxtel, Internet and phones may have separate connections and then you start connecting your stuff.

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