Moving furniture new home? Don’t forget these great tips!

Want to make your upcoming move easier on everyone involved? Moving furniture new home can be truly exhausting, but it doesn’t have to go without reward for effort. When all you want to do is fall in a heap on your favourite chair at the end of the day, we do our best to make it possible. Follow our tips for a great moving experience!

A Number for everything.

While numbering your packed boxes can seem arduous, it’s important to realize there is a real efficiency in this. Hence it happens when you and those involved in the packing game can refer to a number and know exactly what to do with it.

By numbering your boxes, you are giving yourself the most effective unpacking plan possible. Making it easy for you to leave boxes where they need to be and unpack in on your own time. Without feeling overwhelmed by ‘mystery boxes’.

Plan smart when moving furniture new home.

Many people underestimate how long it will take to move their family home. When your life extends outside to the garden shed, the sandpit, the dog kennel, the tree house, and other various play spaces. You may find yourself at a loss looking at your plan.

You can give yourself a target time to accomplish your separate tasks. It will often eliminate the likelihood of becoming sidetracked during your move. so if you find yourself getting repeatedly distracted, it’s likely you need a break!

TIP! Your sanity comes first. Make the kettle and your favourite teacup the last thing you decide to pack.

Before all the ‘stuff’.

Want to remember your Moving furniture new home day in a positive light? Don’t step over the threshold with an armful of boxes. Knowing your new environment before anything goes into it can be a wonderful way for you and your family to get to know the space, Consequently, make some executive decisions about what may go where.

Take your shoes off and take the ‘cooks tour’, discussing with your family their own expectations of the space and how it might be used. You can plan as you go in your moving journal, and if you’ve followed our previous tips, you can number boxes and give a copy of the plan to your removalist so they know where those boxes need to end up.

Unexpected cleaning Drama? Call the professionals.

There’s nothing quite like stepping over the threshold of your new home onto a beautifully steamed carpet and gleaming floors. As well as sparkling windows and shining appliances- but what if you step into something less appealing?

Moving furniture new home should be a fun, exciting and moving new phase in life. It shouldn’t be marred by shoddy cleaning or a poor attempt at pulling together a great space for the new family about to enjoy it. Unfortunately, not everyone works on this kind of agenda. You can sometimes find yourself moving into a space that needs a fair bit of help.

The fix: As soon as you recognize the need to polish up your new home, don’t waste time. When it may not be convenient to do it yourself, you can hire a cleaning team to work with you while you unpack the basic essentials. Your removalist can often arrange a great team to help you bring things up to an immaculate finish at this stressful time, so try not to get wound up and call in a team who can help!

Sunshine Removals are Melbourne’s leading family removals group. Offering a number of high quality services to our clients across the board. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can assist in your upcoming move. Please contact us for more information today!

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