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Sunshine Keilor furniture removalist, you’re either well versed on the many horrors that can go wrong during a full moving house, or blissfully unaware that things can go awry in the blink of an eye if you’re not completely prepared. Thankfully, there are some extremely clever and move-savvy people out there with extraordinary strategic thinking skills, who have developed a few of the best ‘life-hacks’ (otherwise known as super cool time-saving tricks) you’ll care to remember.

If you’re planning a move and hoping to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, keep a note of these especially clever tricks and tips to help you through the hurdle-jumping. Whether you’re more worried about moving in or moving out, everyone can do with a bit of magic to get them through. Read about Keilor removalists.!

Lots of hanging clothes to pack? Keilor furniture removalist.

Before you take everything off hangers and start the refolding process, stand back and remember this trick. You’ll need a few large super strength disposal bags and a few plastics covered wire ties.

  • Simply group your garments in lots of ten, with the hook hanger openings facing away from you on the rail.
  • Next, from underneath, slide a disposable bag over the clothes group and up to the neck of the wire hangers. Use a wire tie to secure it tightly.
  • This trick prevents moth-damage, keeps your clothes free of damp and makes re-hanging TEN TIMES FASTER. To rehang, simply place the hangers back on the rail, and remove the bag. Easy!

Need to hang a few pictures, or hammer in new nails or hooks?

For the inexperienced furniture movers or accident prone, hammering in a nail can be as disastrous as any DIY project. If you’re likely to hit your thumb, hammer the wall or miss altogether, don’t’ forget this tip. You’ll need:

  • One cheap, wooden, spring system clothes peg.
  • Hammer and nails.

What now? Simply use the peg to grip the nail and hold it in place while you correctly position and drive it in with the hammer. Your fingers remain happy! Why didn’t we think of this before?

IMPORTANT: Make sure that hanging pictures and other objects are approved by your landlord if you aren’t sure.

Carpet Dents? Don’t let them eat into your bond refund!

Carpets left imprinted by furniture can make an impact on the final assessment your agent conducts prior to refunding your bond. Make sure all your bases are covered with this great trick:

Simply place a few ice-cubes on the strained fibres. They’ll flick back up again easily with the edge of a spoon when the ice has melted.

Ninja Packers- Have you heard of this one?

Use clean socks to pack cylindrical breakables like wine bottles, fragile glasses, cups and other objects. Double up for more buffering against moves, and pack them together. In addition, it’s a great idea to save your ‘six-pack’ cardboard containers to separate and keep safe your cylindrical goods. Easy to store, ferry and unpack, you’ll wish you’d thought of this one before!

Packing your favorite dinner set?

For one of the greatest ways to pack multiple plates into one box, invest in a small bucket of kid’s sturdy Plasticine. Between each plate, wedge 4 peanut-sized lumps of Plasticine around the lip of each plate to stop it from touching the next. You can then continue to pack your best sets confidently! Kids will happily re-use Plasticine while you unpack, and this tip really saves on lots of paper and other materials.

Sunshine furniture removalists Melbourne are committed to making sure your Keilor furniture removalist experience of moving is as positive and simple as possible. If you need assistance with your move or if you’d like to discuss the range of great Keilor furniture removalist services have available, please call our fantastic Keilor furniture removalist team today. Sunshine’s furniture movers look forward to helping you make the journey to your new home successfully.

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