Pool table | Billiards Table removalists Western Suburbs don’t risk it.

Many moving Companies – “Billiards Table removalists Western Suburbs” send inexperienced teams often to do these specialized jobs. Hence because of this chances of damage to themselves, your table and Property can be put at unnecessary risk. Yes, some companies will take the risk to get your business and send wrong equipment and staff to do this technically difficult job.

Melbourne Removalists Western Suburbs sometimes hope for the best.

First and foremost you need enough manpower. Because there are many different sizes and different thicknesses of slate stone in them. Significantly some Moving Companies in Melbourne actually mention they don’t do Pianos and Pool Tables. The Established and serious Piano Movers will always have a service for these items as they are part and parcel of the Removals Industry.

Importantly! Before you even begin to lift anything there are a couple of things to find out and keep in mind.

How to separate the legs or base from the top part.
Have a look around and 90% of the time either the top lifts off or legs get separated. Today I’m covering the majority types of Pool Tables and Billiard Tables such as the one in the picture. By looking underneath and seeing how your legs are attached you will find out whether the top is only placed on the base. Otherwise, you have to separate the legs and carry the table top with the base. Removalists western Suburbs will know about these two types if they have the experience. Also affordable Removalists Melbourne don’t break anything #1.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions so we can help you in moving Billiards and Tool tables. These heavy and awkward Items have their own pitfalls and obstacles if you don’t plan your move.

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