How to Pack Breakables, Hassle Free, for furniture moving

Packing needs to be dealt with strategically, and most importantly it must be done in a way that reflects the value of your possessions and keeps them safe during the time of furniture moving.

Here are some tips and tricks you can apply when packing for furniture moving.

  1. Group Your Items.
  2. With exception of large furniture items, place things together before boxing, in stacks if possible. This way, you can search for the size box you’ll need as you progress your packing. Books are extremely heavy when packed in large lots, so keep stacks of books only as large as you can manage.

  3. Think Like a Grocery Cashier.
  4. Keep each stack sized according to how much you can comfortably lift or trolley, and pack your items together in their categories. For example, keep the laundry detergents away from the kitchen foods.

  5. Stock up on Packing Materials in Advance.
  6. Make sure you invest in good quality packing tape, cardboard for dividing, bubble wrap, newspapers, stuffing, and Styrofoam fillers before you buy boxes, or you may be tempted to pack without the essentials.

  7. Wrapping Crockery.
  8. To wrap china or glass crockery, first use bubble wrap for individual items. Before wrapping the rim of a cup, fill it with crumpled wrapping tissue or Styrofoam. If the very unfortunate does happen and your crockery breaks, the broken shards will be contained in one package, which you can discard safely and easily.

  9. Keep Sets Together.
  10. Tape four pieces of tableware with bubble wrap between to keep them levered from each other. Place them in a box, filled to capacity or at the very least filled with crumpled paper to keep them from jostling around.

  11. Resourceful Packing.
  12. Towels and bedding can be used to protect single, large, fragile items such as vases or ornaments that need lots of protection. Choose a box that will snugly fit the both, after bubble wrapping the fragile ornament first.

If you’d like more help with packing and boxing, call the team at Sunshine Removals for an obligation free quote to suit your needs.

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