Melbourne movers damage who is to blame?

Many times you hear of Melbourne movers damage and all sorts of warnings to beware. Do we ever hear of smart cookies that want an excuse to not pay or shortchange the moving service? I hear and see a lot of gripes against the service and the clients from both sides all the time.

Well here is a case that I think the client is a bit too Smart. This client is very lucky as he hired us but if he hired many other services he might have got more than he bargained for.

Melbourne movers damage who is to blame?

Sunshine Melbourne movers damage: – Guilty as charged your Worship and we submit to your judgement here today.

Found to have: Carried it to the truck and placed Cartons on the shelf – Not telling the Lazy Peanut to dismantle it for transportation.

His worship Client now residing and happy in Kilsyth area ( thanks to Sunshine Removals ) the appointed judge and executioner.

Clients( and his Worships ) testimony and sentence:

  • Sunshine Removals stacked on the shelf wrong. All Boxes.
  • Recompense should reflect the cost of the service and not the item say 20%( now this is a smart Cookie right? ).
  • Sunshine to dispose of the damaged Cheap shelf.

Examination of Item:

Made of Low-grade plate Fe2; Probably very cheap to make and sold to suckers as sturdy shelving. Clients always put them together properly in a few instances maybe. Trucks move along sometimes rough roads and bumps can alter the weight of articles at these instances. The client wants to save time, effort, money and the item reflects this.


Improve stacking procedures. Make another trip and make them pay another 3 hours of travel time between Footscray and the new residence. We paid the client off to keep his mouth shut and made him sign a confidentiality Clause in the transaction. Ha Ha Ha.

Melbourne movers damage quotes with Mike.I’m Mike

Let me welcome you to Melbourne movers damage who is to blame? – Article. An interesting study and trial and tribulations of a moving company. Some help and tips to get yourselves through the move. I thank you very much and hope you find this useful and please do not forget to share and add any comments and likes.

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Deanna-Rose Nicol.

Fantastic company and a great helpful bunch of guys, very quick and know what they are doing, brilliant price too! you won’t regret calling them!

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