Melbourne house packing removalists help on living & dining rooms when you have to move.

Some experienced and trade secrets from our Melbourne house packing removalists team. Living and Dining spaces- the place you’re most likely to spend your time. As well as least likely to keep neat and tidy in the hustle and bustle of a big event like moving. So how should you plan to pack these spaces or hire a house packing removalists team?

In addition damaging them in the process of moving house? Or you can always contact Sunshine Melbourne house packing removalists as well. Please check our furniture removalists Melbourne services if you are not confident in packing or call us for more help.

You should take the time to pack your dining and living areas, as the contents of these rooms will take priority when you move in. Think about it – will you want to make a cuppa and enjoy a restorative stir-fry by the telly before you want to hang every dress back in your closet? When in doubt, head for the kitchen.

Before you start.

Make anything you consider to be extremely fragile and valuable a priority. Care during packing should be placed on a high level of importance, so be sure to give yourself lots of time and space to do it properly. It can help to choose a time when the kids are in day-care or school and inquisitive pets, (especially cats with a penchant for turfing objects off shelving) are kept busy too.

Melbourne house packing removalists the individually wrapped.

Ok house packers extraordinaire come on the stuffs not going to catch a bus. Start ASAP!

Cups, Jugs and Bowls.

  • Choose a medium-sized box with a very strong bottom. Your best boxing options should be reserved for fragile items like this. Pack the box with a layer of foam on the bottom or newspaper to buffer any sudden jolting.
  • Because they range in size, you’ll find stacking these objects together really works well.
  • Start with the largest pieces, wrapping three the same size together, or consecutively shaped pieces in groups of three. Use paper in between, then wrap and secure with foam or paper around the bundle again.
  • You can stack plates and saucers into each other, starting largest and moving to smallest. Be sure to keep measuring the height of your stacks to avoid overfilling the box.


These can be bundled up when on the move.

Plates and Saucers.

  • From largest and flattest pieces at the bottom of the box, wrap each item individually.
  • Keep items in bundles of three, and then swaddle each bundle with additional packing, to keep it further protected. Be sure to use plenty of paper in between layering.
  • Use card dividers to separate plates from the same dinner set. You can generally pack 3-4 of these into one bundle.
  • Middle layers should be made up of equally flat smaller pieces- saucers, bread and butter plates, etc. Chopping boards tend to make great dividers or balancing shelves.
  • Top layers are reserved for smaller pieces, but the size and shape of these objects must be considered carefully. Think about packing as though it is a jigsaw puzzle, and never rest a ceramic surface against a glass or opposing ceramic surface. You can fill empty spaces with your trinkets once they’re wrapped too, which will give you more protection. The aim is to limit the room your pieces have to jostle round in the box.
  • Once each piece is wrapped and in the box, the next step is to securely wrap the box and tape it to avoid popping open and undoing all that hard work. You can place a newspaper on top of the box before closing to absorb extra impact if you wish.
  • Start underneath the box and run the tape in a cross shape from each side. Run the tape underneath and around, sealing the seams as well. You can reinforce the box bottom if you feel the need as well, by running packing tape over the fold lines to give you extra support when picking the boxes up.

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