A home removalist Melbourne service that won’t let you down?

A home Removalist Melbourne service booked a couple of weeks before and they do not turn up. This can happen if there is an emergency. Some emergencies can be averted through maintenance and some are rare that no one can help. “That is the transport industry” as the saying goes. But every now and then we have calls to move on the day where the client moving in Melbourne calls that this has happened to them.

We investigated some of these home removalist Melbourne service providers.

Upon getting a few of these calls for help we politely asked the home removalist Melbourne service providers name. Then Sunshine investigation led to a pattern that appeared and was quite obvious. We found that some names bobbed up several times and one that was absolutely criminal. This house removals service had the same relative die two to three times or sick person you get the drift. This is not a blog to name these services but an information session to open your eyes as to the tactics of some service providers in furniture moving industry.

“They play the Call Bird Game.”

Some other reasons we suspect are not so obvious and below is a list of these. The main reason behind these could be the greed of the moving company where they fill in blanks in the diary and when a higher earner comes in they simply replace the booked client with the reported better one. Most of the times the client also informs us that they are hanging up the phone to the point of barring their number.

  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]Over booking to cater for late cancellations.
  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]Ambitions are mistaken for abilities and then reality sets in..
  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]Lack of Staff.
  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]Truck too small.
  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]Just plain greedy and selfish ultimately stupid.
  • [icon name=”bolt” class=”” unprefixed_class=”fa-li fa fa-bolt”]As well as too good to be true..

So check their ratings and investigate or pay the price. If they are too cheap but you cannot find info on them then you can look somewhere else or click the next suggestion.

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