How to Guarantee a Great Moving Experience

Are you moving to Melbourne or the surrounding area soon?

  • Want to create a Melbourne movers experience that allows you to enjoy the best your new home has to offer? All without worry, hassle, or stress during a apartment removals? Here is how to make your move as problem-free as possible.
  • Firstly, find a reputable removalist who maintains a reputation that backs up their reliability. This is the most important aspect of your move. Finding the right removalist can mean the difference between settling easily and quickly. Settling with a sense of disorganisation and a to-do list longer than you can’t bear to look at.
  • As soon as you know you’ll be moving, start considering how long you will need to plan for a smooth move. The longer you give yourself, the less likely you are to need more time settling in and unpacking. Very organised packers may spend many months in advance categorising and arranging their goods. A good 6-8 weeks is sufficient to be well organised for most.

Start as soon as possible for your apartment removals.

  • List and track.
  • Everything that is boxed, packed, wrapped, and stored must be kept count of. It is essential to know at all times exactly where you store your goods so you can reference them as soon as you need to in your new home. The pack and number technique is favoured among Melbourne movers, where you keep a list of the contents of each box you pack. Each box is numbered on each side for easiest identification.

  • Don’t just collect huge boxes.
  • You rarely pack into very big boxes and it is actually much easier and manageable to pack within smaller boxes. Hardware stores have the next best range of boxes compared to professional moving boxes, which are reusable and well worth the investment.

  • Know your limits.
  • For the most efficient packing, look into hiring a team of professional packers to help you. Professional packers move lightning fast and know exactly how to treat even your most prized possessions. Professional packers are described as a heaven-send for many people.

Sunshine Removalists service the Melbourne area and beyond for all apartment removals big and small. We keep your possessions safe, and they stick to reasonable, competitive quotes. So book a removalist that honours their commitments and values your satisfaction. Call us at the office number provided to receive your obligation free quote.

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