Furniture mover and insurance for used items.

In the first place even the biggest furniture mover in the business needs to self-insure to get anything resembling a policy for removals. Then how effective and expensive an insurance can be in the case of used furniture. What can you are entitled to claim from the removalists Transit insurance and what they cover.

Is there a real scratch and dent insurance policy?

Lets look at a local moving house in Melbourne for instance. We can straight away assume that the furniture is used. You see once it gets delivered and paid for, of course, it is no longer brand new. Even furniture out of showrooms is considered used. Therefore unless the removalists Melbourne Company transit policy can be activated there really is nothing activated.

How can you prove unless you physically see the event that caused the damage that it wasn’t there before.

The removalists also say that they are not at fault. This is a great point as both sides claim and point fingers at each other. How can a judge determine who is at fault.

I mention VCAT because you see there is really no scratch and dent insurance out there. This is why the main reasons are as follows:

Can’t prove it unless maybe you taped the whole movie. VCAT Wouldn’t know what was there on not before the move. Additionally, all we have is after photos not much help there.

A few words of wisdom.

If an insurance company wanted you to purchase their premiums they would make them affordable. Then once the smoke signals go out to everyone you could get a new lot of household furniture every time you moved. Oh already ticking away ha ha.

Can VCAT Help you or the furniture mover?

Proof of fault.
Already brushed on the subject but likewise if you had a policy your move will double in price. You of course if you are that concerned some furniture mover will charge a fortune for just your move. It is impossible to take Photos of every leg table, every scratch. It would take hours and you still wouldn’t get everything. This time will be charged for and so will the administration of the photos. The client will probably also take his own pictures as he would like the images as well.

Clients Always want a Cheap move.
Clients always look for the best price. The massive majority don’t ask what the Removalists Melbourne service cover and have they got insurance. Apart what the weekend warriors most Companies that are respectable have Public Liability and Transit Insurance. If the furniture mover is honest they will explain briefly that it covers them against Truck accidents and all the furniture is damaged. Transit insurance will pay out then.

A furniture mover is not a Insurance broker.
Insurance is sold by Brokers and Insurance Companies and that’s it. If you are travelling interstate you can get an insurance against breakage and damage that can be proven not to have been there before. Photo before and after is the only proof or if the removalists Items lists the damage before the move after a quick and brief inspection. If most Items are marked throughout damage that hasn’t broken but might have a dent is ignored.

Clients Opportunism.
You see not all attempted claims are true. When your house floods some clients all of sudden think its Xmas. If it didn’t drop then the likely hood its still usable and just part of the risks of moving.

What is available in insurance for furniture mover.

As already stated earlier only Transit and Public Liability. This protects you in case the truck that is carrying you furniture is involved in a collision. Basically this insurance up-to a point replaces your house and contents while on the road. Have you ever claimed a broken bit of furniture after you handled it on your content? You know where you will be told to go.

Some furniture mover companies self insure.

These are usually sold as an extra premium to your move. I’ve heard somewhere around $ 1,800 extra for any move even within the same city. The main reason for the furniture mover company expects the client will be demanding so they also put on an excess of $400-500. You see this is another way to get more money for the job and if you claim a $1000 fridge dropped they still come out on top. As they only have to replace a fridge as they probably don’t make that one anymore.

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