Furniture house removals-Rental Cleans, they help you get Bond back.

Are you dreading the inevitable furniture house removals and rental clean? While you’re focused on handling the furniture house removals, packing and unpacking in your new Melbourne home. The reality of renting a property always remains that you need to do your best to leave the home you’ve enjoyed. Being worn in, and settled into, in the same condition it was when you arrived.

Aside from reasonable wear and tear, most renters find that the prospect of needing to clean up after possibly multiple years of residency daunting. In a rental property, this hence leaves them at the mercy of their own cleaning skills. Furthermore, you are not The only one, who wants to clean up a home you’re no longer going to live in?

That essential job you’ll never have enough time for.

While there are a few out there who will do an exceptional job on the final clean up of their home, and the ‘reward’ is in receiving a full security bond refund. The reality goes beyond a little elbow grease can be achieved.

In fact, it takes patience, dedication and attention to detail in the final clean. Because you’re not likely to be spending those skills on the house you’re leaving. Rather, your interest would be focused on your next home, and ensuring that the process of moving it goes well.

No one wants to be distracted by a huge job that doesn’t go directly towards the moving in process.

The ‘Click your Fingers Solution’

Of course, there is a fantastic solution to the problem. If you’ve ever spoken to someone who handled their move out with patience and finesse, they probably had a little help.
One of the greatest allies you can have during your furniture house removals process is a professional cleaning team. Some specialize in the final cleans of a rental property and know exactly where real estate agents look for the opportunities. To use your bond security to pay for further cleaning requirements.

What can I expect from a Final Clean?

Professional cleaning teams for final cleans aren’t regular cleaners. Of course, while the essentials such as emptying bins, wiping down surfaces, cleaning down splashbacks are all part of the role. Professional cleaners for the final clean in your home are focused on detail, the overall picture and making immaculate pictures of a well loved and lived in home.

Some things you can expect from your final clean team include ( but are not limited to):

  • Window Cleaning.
  • Hard Scrubbing around Ledges.
  • High Dusting.
  • Grout cleaning.
  • Mould and Mildew removal.
  • Floor Scrubbing.
  • Oven Cleaning.

Special care and detail, along with a real effort to bring the property up to a great standard. So drive your cleaning team to produce the best result possible.

You’ll find your cleaning team to be extremely thorough, energetic and conscious of the fact that your final clean dictates a great result. Also your bond back from your period of tenancy with the homeowner.

What can’t a Final Clean Achieve?

Of course, simply using a final clean service can’t guarantee your security bond will be returned. While a great final clean team will do their best to bring your home up to a great finish, there are sometimes problems they can’t resolve. Some of these include:

  • Very stubborn fabric stains (You may need to address this with a carpet cleaner).
  • Damage to painted surfaces, scratches, indentations stubborn markings.
  • Corrosion caused by rust or oxidisation (often in bathrooms or laundries).
  • Scratches to cooktops or similar surfaces ( some can be removed with a special buffing process).
  • Heat damaged ovens – often the result of an oven not regularly cleaned, where baked on residue becomes corrosive to the oven.
  • Aged pen or ink marks (also refer to carpet cleaning specialist for further help).

How long will a final clean take?

Depending on the amount of work that must be accomplished during your final clean, your service provider will normally base the cost of your final clean by the hour, based on the level of need. This can range from anywhere between 2 hours and a full day cleaning, depending on the condition of your home.

Generally, the longer you’ve lived in your home, the longer it takes a cleaner to sufficiently tackle the clean.

Call us today!

Sunshine removals are pleased to announce that in addition to our Melbourne furniture removals services, we also provide our team of skilled professionals for final cleans. We’re dedicated to the job and know how to get real results in a final clean. For more information about the range of great services that can be used to make your relocation easier, smoother and more enjoyable, please call us today.

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