Cheap removals Melbourne, Expensive movers part -1a

So you think you got the best cheap removals Melbourne rate and you feel chuffed with your top effort. You rang everywhere and you found the cheapest quote. The hubby or wife will be very pleased. They said all the right things on the phone even though admittedly there seemed to be somewhat of a language barrier.

You have definitely got the “cheapest rate secured”.

When you booked on the phone you asked and got in broken English Yes to all concerns.

Confirmed a low rate.
Wow how do they do it everyone is dearer, you get so excited you nearly or do forget what the rest of your questions.

Yes they are available and bonus in the morning.
Better book as they give you the last place left story. Hence pressure is on and why go any further.

Because You have rung heaps of cheap removals Melbourne companies after all.
Are their removalist any good? of coarse they answer, what else would they say. Been doing it for years mate they answer.

you did most of the right things:

  • Booked Early.
  • Rang the day before. Got the Yes.
  • Also packed up and finished night before.
  • Furthermore kept the entrances clear and dismantled everything.

“What can happen” on your cheap removals Melbourne day right?

Nice day, no rain and everything packed in you 3 bedroom house. You got a 4 car space for the truck just outside the door and let he neighbors know of the event.

You will be present after all and you will keep an eye on them.

Scenario A: – Half hour late so you ring them.

Can’t get through for a while. Finally you get the same person great. You ask where are you cheap removals Melbourne team its an hour rate.

You get:

  • Truck is broken down but coming in an hour sorry. Not the best news.
  • Sorry booked for afternoon (they got a higher paying customer first). Oh well at least they will come. Its going to be a long day.
  • 3:00 PM and several calls later they still are not there. New tenants on the way ready to move in. Nightmare!

Whether they turn up or not and most probably not its a total disaster with repercussions to you. It doesn’t matter if you get another cheap removals Melbourne in the next morning the damage is done.

Not at Sunshine Removals.

Please call us for a reliable and affordable cheap removals service. One that you will give good reviews to as they deserve it. After all you will pay them back on social media to warn other future victims. All you can do is book with someone that you can trust. Tread you own path.

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