Melbourne city movers the skilled furniture removalists.

While our Melbourne city movers are well prepared to do your moving we never stop investing in training. Meanwhile we also keep instilling best practices into our furniture removalists to make sure no bad habits creep in.

In a short phrase,

"We know the ropes."

as the old saying goes.

Melbourne city movers are well prepared.

Hands and a truck won't cut it any more. You need to have a larger arsenal of equipment and documents that are required apart from theses basics.

At Sunshine we have all the answers.

Apart from the movers belongings a furniture removalists services need to contend with many new obstacles and demands.

Accordingly training is vital for furniture removalists.

Melbourne city movers at night the Yarra River and city background.

Yarra and City hi-rise no problems for Melbourne City movers.

Firstly basement access.
The effect is that the apartment removals Melbourne team sent out has to go 1 to 2 floors down. Mostly a car ramp has to be reached so so we can go down to the next level. Furthermore then they have to go back up and pick up the next piece. Sunshine does it so we can stack enough to fill the Lift. Result is lots of double handling for our moving house team

Secondly over zealous Building Management.
Sometimes the building Management or Body Corporate are very strict and demanding. Even more they will at times do an inspection prior to our moving house team starts and after. Next they can also demand liability for damage to corridors and floors.

Further Sprinklers & Emergency Exit signs.
Importantly fire sprinklers can be easily damaged and can catch on materials. Apart from the flood damage the fire department gets called and there could be further costs. You need to know that the removalists have experience in these type of environments.

Also Parking.
Do we need a reserved park on the street. Clients responsibility to let the Melbourne City movers know. Client also should make sure no City By-Laws can be broken.

Traffic and longer distances.
Travel can take time and one way streets don't help as well as constructions along the way. One can be delayed significantly and there could be many other reasons as well.

Moreover time limits on Access to Properties.
When you book elevator with Building Management you have to declare when and what time it will be available. They will often supply the date and a slot of limited time. Removalists must get a move on and sometimes you need more hands.

Lastly all necessary equipment with your furniture removalists.

Make sure they have all the above because if not you might have more than you bargained for. Large trucks will help in accommodating a one trip move and keep your moving on schedule. Ramps are 305 quicker than hydraulic lifts as there isn't the double handling. No ramps are a disaster and can double the time your Melbourne city movers will take.

Some management require Public liability insurances as well.

Finally we say the road ahead is clear when you have sunshine as your hire furniture removalists. So don't delay and call our friendly staff for a great quote.

Peace of mind with our furniture removalists.

  • Public Liability. – $10,000,000.
  • Transit insurance. – Up to $ 100,000.00 per event.
  • Fully trained Company Staff. - No Sub- Contractors. You only deal with us.
  • Late model Fleet with Air-Bag suspension. - For a smooth ride.
  • All Trucks with blankets, Ties, Trolleys and Dollies - To keep your belongings Safe.

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