moving melbourne? Why a professional removalist is your greatest-ally

If moving melbourne and to country can be costly, both on your body and emotions.

Apart to the financial expense it may incur from the moving melbourne. However, by finding the right one of the local removalists Companies, who are skilled and trained . You’re likely to get Sunshines services.

What exactly do Melbourne’s own Sunshine Removals offer?


Whether your needs are based on a commercial or a residential level. Our removalist staff will have the means to tackle it smoothly. Your service provider should show the highest level of workmanship. Great testimonials and industry grade moving props. This includes strapping, blankets and suitable Truck to support your move. All vehicles your goods will be transiting in should have a compliant ride such as air bag set up. Such a set up will help keep the packed cargo safe on the road.

Piano by moving melbourne company

Heavy, Awkward, Large and Delicate when moving melbourne.


On a commercial level. One of the major concerns is damage to goods in-transit. Especially when this may come at an expense to your income and product right? The best service providers will be especially equipped to avoid this. They will have both, an Transit insurance policy and a public liability insurance policy. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve in the unlikely event of a road accident. Some apartment blocks won't let you move in without it. Sunshine removals can supply on request by building maintenance, conditions apply.


Your professional team will all work for the company. This stops shifting responsibility or liability via sub-contractors. Great removalists train their employees under their direct supervision. They show them the ropes and making true trades men of them. This way you can be sure your team are on your side. We act as skilled individuals with all care on board at every moment of your move.



If you need to move a piano, pool table, or artwork. You should be confident that your removalist is not guessing how to do it. Talk with your removalist about their experience in moving delicate items like pianos. Be sure they know how to handle it, lift it professionally and put it back together after the move.

  • Pool Tables.

You must be confident that your service provider has knowhow in the area. Pool tables contain a thin layer of slate that must remain intact to provide a suitable playing surface. If this slate is broken, which can easily happen in the wrong hands, it is costly to repair. Ask the movers about how they intend to undertake the move. We will act on your doubts if they arise!


This should be treated with great care! It’s important to discuss your expectations of moving artwork with your removalist. You should have specific concerns about it. You can always protect your investment before it is moved. Individually wrapping with bubble pack and splicing glass surface protectors with cardboard. The mover can demonstrate the best method of relocating it for the transit period. They may also be able to supply you with boxes for the transit period. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of damage during the shift.

Trusted moving melbourne company.

Sunshine Removalists are among Melbourne’s most trusted and relied upon service providers in the local movers melbourne industry. We’ve helped resettle hundreds of individuals, families and businesses in this highly stressful time. Our Staff providing high quality workmanship. In additional our range of helpful services that truly make it easier to manage your move.

If you need help with your upcoming move. Would like to know more about our services in general. Please don’t hesitate to contact our solutions focused team. We look forward to showing you how easy your relocation can be.

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Peace of mind with moving melbourne locations.

  • Public Liability. – $10,000,000.
  • Transit Ins. – Up to $ 100,000.00 per event.
  • Fully trained Company Staff. - No Sub- Contractors. You only deal with us.
  • Late model Fleet with Air-Bag suspension. - For a smooth ride.
  • All Trucks with blankets, Ties, Trolleys and Dollies. - To keep your belongings Safe.

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